Tuesday, May 19, 2015

turning 5 and 38

On April 20th, Hadley and Harper turned 5! And I turned 38. It's kind of hard to believe that they are 5 but its even harder for me to believe that I am 38! I think I feel 25 and many days still think that I am 25.  The girls and I spent the day doing some of our favorite things! They got to skip school and spend a girls day with Aunt Moe! 

We started with opening gifts
and it was a new Lilly dress!

After we opened gifts we headed to my favorite place, Denkers, to get an orangeade.

As we were walking down the street with our orangeades we were photographed for the local paper!

We shopped some more downtown and met Jennifer for lunch for a "Ladies Birthday Lunch!"

Since it was our birthday we got chocolate cake for dessert! 

After lunch we were full so we headed home. Hadley and I snuggled and took selfies!
While we snuggled, Jennifer made my birthday cake. It was a Lemon Curd cake. It is my absolute favorite!

We ended the day with a special meal of the birthday girls favorite foods! It was such a sweet and special day. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to spend the day with those girls!

I love these girls so much! I think its kind of neat that we share a birthday! I tell them all the time that they were the best birthday gift I have ever received!

I have been sad thinking that they are turning five and will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. But I am excited to see them learn to read and go through school. Watching Hadley and Harper grow up is a special treat and gift!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lilly for Target...

On April 19th Lilly Pulitzer released a special one time collection for Target. I wrote about my favorites a week before it launched. I was excited about going to Target to "shop" this collection. I had a few items on my wish list and I really wanted to see the clothing items. I knew that it would be a quick sellout but I didn't expect what I actually saw! 

This is what I felt like...

Since I was visiting my friends for our birthday I visited a Super Target in Apex, North Carolina.And this Target is not in their backyard. We drove a little over an hour to get there! We got up at 5:30 am to start our adventure! That is dedication to a brand! Of course I was excited/anxious/nervous and had a hard time sleeping. I knew that it was suppose to go "live" online at 3 am so throughout the night I would check the website. Every time I checked it I got "This website is unavailable." So I had no luck shopping online! I was hoping this was not a sign of what to come. 

6:30 am and ready to go! 

Jennifer's sister, Kim, and our friend Sara Beth left at 6:00 am and got in line.
They were very close to the doors. 

When Jennifer and I drove up to Target this was the line at 7:40! 
 We had to go around the side of the building and got in line. Kim did offer for us to get in line with her but Jennifer and I were not brave enough to do that. Some of those girls looked like they would take you down! 
 Kim and SB were like 10th in line and we were probably 200th in line! 

The manager walked out to give an update on the situation. She said all clothing items were out and on the racks. She said they did have some home goods in backstock. So everything was out. She gave some rules...no running and be kind! HA!

After seeing all these people I sent Kim a picture of a top that I really wanted. I was afraid it might not be there or would not be on the rack when I got in. 

Finally at 8:00 the doors opened. Jennifer and I walked into Target at 8:02.
 We decided to divide up. I wanted to go to the women's clothing and she wanted to go to the kid's clothing.
 As I turned the corner to go to the women's section I ran into Kim. She had about 6 items in her hand and said to me "The Lilly is gone! Don't even bother walking over there." I can't really explain what I felt. I was so disappointed. She had managed to grab my white top so that helped ease the pain! ;)

I walked over anyway. I wanted to see it for myself. This was what I saw.

I met back up with Jennifer and we headed over to the home section to see what we could see. Again, Nothing!  Kim and I decided to go try on our clothes and check out the dressing room situation. That was another crazy experience. Women were standing outside the dressing room ready to pounce on other women's rejects. Luckily my top fit and Kim found a shift dress.

By this time our group met up and looked at what we had scored. SB had found some kid's clothing for their girls.  (Later on when the kids tried on the clothes they did not fit.)

So the words that I use to describe my Lilly for Target experience - crazy, overwhelming, disappointing, and slightly frustrating! But I will say that I am so happy I got to experience it. It is something I will never forget. The vibe before we went into Target was exciting! People were excited to see what they would see and hopeful!  It does make me sad/mad that some people just grabbed every thing on rack and checked out. They took it to sell on eBay hoping to make a profit.

I love the top I bought!
It pairs well with all my other Lilly!