Tuesday, May 17, 2016

#moeeveryday2016 week 17, 18, and 19

I have missed a lot of days. So hang on - I am sharing three weeks worth of pictures now! 

day 112
One week later and I was still celebrating my grand opening!

day 113
And I was still celebrating my birthday!

day 114
The cutest dog came to the Lilly store. I fell in love with this dog! He was so cute.

day 116
I was just enjoying my new outdoor furniture and a homemade orangeade. 

day 121
 Working hard equals fun rewards! My staff worked so hard for the first six weeks so I felt like we needed to have a staff meeting with pedicures! 

day 122
 I had the best surprise! My Knoxville friends Lesa and Kt came to visit me! I love these girls so much! 

day 123
 It was a blast being with my girls! And of course Sade had to help me with the selfie!

day 126
 The day my fitbit broke into.

day 127
Happy Mother's Day
At least one of us looks a little happy to celebrate. 

day 128
 I had to stop by and see my Asheville girls before I headed back to Augusta.

day 129
My girls are so cute! 

Aunt Moe 

Monday, May 9, 2016

#moeeveryday2016 week 16

Week 16 was a big week! It was my Grand Opening celebration and birthday week! 

day 104
Eleanor and Kat came to visit and help get the store ready for grand opening! Kat is our contact at Lilly corporate. She was very helpful and supportive throughout our opening. 

Day 105
Cheers to Grand Opening day! 
I had the best grand opening day! I'm still smiling! 

Face timing with Hadley and Harper is always fun! They are my favorite face timers!

Day 108
 Last day as five year olds! 
They are officially big kids. They are almost finished with Kindergarten and have toothless smiles. They are still the sweetest kids and are always up for snuggling! They still get excited that Aunt Moe is coming to visit! I know that will change soon so I am taking it all in. 

day 109
 Birthday girls! 
I am 39 years old and the twins are 6! 

day 110
I went on a field trip with my favorite kinders! 

Aunt Moe