Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Few Back to School Favorites

I have to start my Back to School favorites with my Erin Condren teacher planner. I am obsessed with the Erin Condren line of planners. I have a life planner that I use everyday for school,  personal, and my Silpada business. So when I saw the teacher plan book I just had to have it. I imagine that this will make me want to do my lesson plans for the school year. Click Here to watch a video of the inside of this planner.
I love all the Erin Condren product I have purchased. They make great gifts too! I have given so many ErinCondren.com gift cards. I love sharing the things I love as gifts. So if you are ever looking for a gift to give to someone, stop by ErinCondren.com and I am sure you will find something perfect!
This is my life planner for this year. I love that you can add a picture to it to make it so personal.
My favorite pens to use in my life planner and at school are the Paper Mate Flair Pens. I like how they write and don't bleed through the pages in the planner. Plus the colors are super fun!

My favorite pencils to use while lesson planning are the Ticonderoga No. 2 pencils.
Ticonderoga No. 2 Pencils - Sharpened
I can't write about back to school favorites and not include some new school clothes!
I am currently loving this -
 Guava Top
Lilly Pulitzer Guava Top in Bright Navy Get Hoppy
I think it looks good with this necklace -
The ultimate statement piece. Get ready to turn heads. Pearl, Sterling Silver.
(I do love Pearls! - They go with everything!)
I have always loved new school supplies, new planners, and new clothes for the new school year. What are some of your favorite back to school items?
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Sunday, August 11, 2013


Snuggling time with Hadley!
My sweet girls came to visit this weekend. I have been missing them since Ocean City! I enjoy seeing the girls interact with each other. I think that 3 is such a fun age. I think it might just be my favorite! Even though they sometimes whine, cry, and pitch some fits I still love every minute with them! I hate it when these girls get in trouble. I think my heart breaks when they are in trouble. I always think of myself as tough (at school I think I am the meanest teacher!) but with Hadley and Harper I just can't be tough with them! The girls know it too. Jennifer said that sometimes when they are in trouble they ask for Moe Moe or Moey (what they call me when they are in trouble!). Jennifer has to tell me that I cannot go to them when they are in trouble. I just want to pick them up and love on them. (I know that is a bad habit but I just can't help it.) Seeing these sweet girls cry breaks my heart!
Spending time with Hadley and Harper is pure happiness to me!
On Saturday we went to Babyland General to adopt a baby. Babyland is the home of the Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. We got to see a "live" birth of a Cabbage Patch baby. Mother Cabbage gave birth to 2 girls while we were there.
Harper, Hadley, and McKinley each picked out a baby to adopt. They each picked a baby girl.

New Mommies!

sweet girls in their sweet Lilly dresses

After the girls picked out a baby they wanted to adopt they had to go through an adoption ceremony. In this ceremony the girls named their baby and took an oath to be the best Mommy to their new baby.
Hadley named her baby Amy Grace and Harper named her baby Charlie Lane.

The girls were very excited to have their new babies and the birth certificates!
Harper feeding her baby.
I think that the girls will be great "mommies" to their babies.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Silpada's National Conference

Two days after I got home from Ocean City I packed my bags and flew to Kansas City, Missouri. I was exhausted but excited about going and spending time with my Silpada sisters! As I shared earlier, I went to National Conference so I could see my picture on the big screen. I know that sounds a little vain but I didn't know if I would ever see my picture on a big screen or be recognized at National Conference!
When I got to the Asheville Airport to leave on that Wednesday morning I had a random hand swab for a security check. I failed it! I set off an alarm and had to go into a small room and be patted down. They even swabbed my items in my carry on bag.  It was not a fun experience! I hope I never have to do that again. I am thankful they do have the security in place but it still was a little upsetting!
Once I got to Kansas City it was all good!

This is me and my roomie Judy. She is a "new" rep like me!

My sweet sponsor, Traci, helped me get "blinged" out for the conference. I normally don't wear this many bracelets at one time but Traci told me I might feel a little out of place if I didn't add more! She was so right. I don't know if I had enough on in this picture compared to the other ladies there!
Jewelry I have on -
Goddess Bracelet (the pearl bracelets - I LOVE these!)
Live Large Cuff (right arm)
Uptown Ring (I probably wear this ring the most out of my collection!)
The second day I got to wear my new bracelet that I won the first day! It is called the Second Nature Bracelet.  (Right now it is 10% off! All NEW jewelry is on sale!) I won some other jewelry too! I felt very lucky to have won some more Silpada jewelry! Going to conference turned out to be a very good thing for me!
This is my Silpada team, my sisters, before the jewelry preview. I had just met some of these girls at conference because they do not live close. It was fun meeting them and learning from them!
At the jewelry preview night we got to see the new jewelry. It started with a fashion show and then we got to go play dress up with all the jewelry.  I enjoyed this part of conference. I got to touch every piece and try on whatever I wanted. It was a blast!

My big screen debut! I just had to add it again!  
I did learn a lot of information to help me with my Silpada business while at conference. I left feeling very motivated and excited for the new sales year!
My new Silpada friends! - Me, Nicole, Judy, and Tonya.
Our eyes look a little evil in this picture!
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ocean City

A few weeks ago I got to spend the week with Hadley and Harper at the beach. We went to Ocean City, Maryland. I wanted to blog that week about the trip but not having Wi-Fi kind of made that hard. I had never been to Ocean City so I was excited to go! Also, spending time with my friend Jennifer and the girls made it exciting as well.
I was very nervous and anxious for the car trip to Ocean City because you have to travel across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnels. I have an extreme fear of bridges over large bodies of water. This bridge is 23 miles long! I had tried to prepare myself for crossing the bridge but it just didn't work. I do believe I had my first panic attack when I got into the car to go to Jennifer's. It was ugly. I am about to cry right now just thinking about it! My sweet and wonderful parents and brother had to drive me to Jennifer's. (I have the most amazing family!) I knew I couldn't drive myself down. Thank goodness my parents did or I would have missed all the fun of Ocean City!
My mom texted me the whole trip to Ocean City to help calm me down. I listened to my favorite Kenny Chesney album, Be As You Are, as we traveled across. I also took some medicine to get across.

All you see is water and deep water! I read that it goes from 25 feet deep to 100 feet deep!
We made it across in less than 30 minutes. I didn't have to worry any more. Well at least not until the trip home!
Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip.
I took this on my first run on the boardwalk. The sand goes on forever at Ocean City!

This made that trip worth it! Snuggling with my sweet girls!

Hadley was using the lip gloss as finger nail polish!
One night Jennifer and I went to this cool restaurant/bar called Seacrets. It was probably one of the coolest places we went to in Ocean City.  

The sunset was beautiful!

One morning we took a bike ride on the boardwalk. It started as a fun activity! But it was hot and 3 year olds get tired.

This was the end of the bike ride! I think they are over it!

Our last night at the beach.
I just love these cute Lilly dresses the girls have on. I gave them to the girls for Christmas. The little Lilly shift was made for Hadley and Harper!

Sister Love

a Hadley and Moe selfie

This is one of my favorites.

Harper's turn!
Later on that night we walked down to the rides on the boardwalk. There were several characters out and about. When the girls saw Elmo I think they lost their minds! They started screaming "It's the REAL Elmo!" And they started jumping up and down! It was the funniest thing. Hadley was the only brave one to go hug Elmo. Harper stayed back and just smiled!

Since it was the last night of the beach trip I knew that the next day I had to go across that bridge again.
I am very thankful that Jennifer asked me to go on this trip! Thanks for putting up with me for the week.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Winning Silpada Story

Hello Blog World! I feel like I have been gone for a long time. I have lots to share about all my summer adventures.  I have been out of town the last few weeks and without Wi-Fi so I have been unable to blog. 
I just got back from the Silpada National Conference. (I am a Silpada Sales Representative.) I haven't shared this on the blog yet because we had some rules about sharing our business on public websites. But those rules changed and I am going to share my story!  
My first conference! My sponsor Traci, my friend Judy (another rep), and Me!
In January 2012 I went to a Silpada party and met Traci Ray, the Silpada Rep doing the party. I didn't really know the other people at the party (I went with a friend) so I started chatting with Traci. She was just so friendly and precious! I felt like we could be friends! Of course I fell in love with a lot of pieces of jewelry and decided to have a party so I could get some FREE jewelry.
My friend Julia and I set up our Silpada party with Traci for February. At that party Traci asked me if I had ever thought about selling Silpada. I laughed and said NO! I didn't think I could do it. Julia and I ended up getting about $300 in free jewelry for the party. (and Traci made that much for doing the party!) I was very happy with the jewelry that I got. Silpada has some amazing jewelry and the quality is fabulous!
Fast forward to August of 2012...Traci sent an email inviting us to a new jewelry preview show at her house. Again, she was so nice and easy to talk to. She asked me again about selling Silpada and this time I started to consider it. The reason why is because I am a teacher and I need some extra money. We haven't had a pay raise in 6 years and the extra cash each month would be helpful. Traci's team was having a Discover Silpada meeting and I decided to attend.
I started praying about it too. I needed God to help me figure out if this was the path I should take. I started researching and reading up on direct sales businesses too. I looked at Silpada's Facebook page and saw that they were having a contest to win the entire Bohemian collection. I knew that if I did sell this jewelry I would need a huge display. So I fixed up my entry, said a small prayer asking God to give me a sign, and hit submit.
Two weeks later I received an email from Katie at Silpada telling me I had won the Style Yourself Fabulous contest! I had won the entire Boho collection! 108 pieces of Silpada jewelry was coming my way! I was shaking! I have never won anything like this in my life! I took this as a sign that God was saying it was okay to sign up to sell some Silpada jewelry! I immediately called Traci to tell her that I had won and to double check to make sure I could still get this jewelry if I became a Rep. And it was!
This photo was on Silpada's Facebook page!
I signed up a few days later and began my career as an Independent Sales Rep with Silpada.
I went to conference last week because I knew they were going to talk about my winning and show my picture on the big screen. (I guess I wanted my 5 seconds of fame!)
That's me on the big screen!
It was really neat. They said my name and I stood up. The crowd clapped and jingled! The Conference was very motivating and I had a really good time! It made me happy to be part of the Silpada sisterhood! I hope to share more later on about my experience! This post is almost too long now!
If you are interested in learning more about being part of the Silpada business and sisterhood, please contact me! (email me at marymoe420@gmail.com) I would love to talk to you about it. Or if you want to shop our jewelry click HERE. I will be highlighting my favorite pieces on the blog real soon!
I would love to come party with you and have a super fabulous Girl's Night Out with you and your friends. Please let me know if you would like to have a party and earn lots of FREE jewelry!
Some facts about Silpada Designs Jewelry -
1. Its .925 sterling silver jewelry
2. It is nickel free!
3. Silpada offers a lifetime guarantee. If your piece breaks Silpada will replace it for Free!
4. The jewelry is all hand crafted! Some pieces take up to 2 weeks to make!
If you made it to the end - Thank you for reading!