Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I am happy that today is the last day of 2013. I am so ready to close this chapter of my life. 2013 has not been my favorite year! The first half was pretty good and the second half has been okay. Here are some of the good parts!
Hadley and Harper on school picture day

snuggling with one of the girls before leaving their house

Mother's Day with my Mamaw Mary

Running my first race at Biltmore

The girls first dance recital

Going to Disney!

Having my picture up on the big screen at Silpada's National Conference

Ocean City Vacation with the girls

Thanksgiving with my dad

The Santa hustle with my sweet friend Kelly

My Christmas card
I always look forward to the beginning of the year - new life planner and new promises. It makes everything feel so fresh and new!
Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014

Monday, December 30, 2013

A Very Merry Chambers Christmas

 Christmas morning I dressed up like Santa. I figured I had the outfit from my Santa run so why not! My brother thought I had lost it. I was still dressed up when we Facetimed with Hadley and Harper. When Harper answered the call she said "you're dressed up like Santa, Moe!" I couldn't fool her!
We always go to my Aunt and Uncle's house to eat breakfast on Christmas morning. We have yummy sausage gravy and biscuits. Gravy is one of my favorite foods so I look forward to Christmas morning breakfast the whole Christmas season. Here's a random fact about me - when I was a kid my Papaw Lynn used to call me the gravy kid because I would eat a just bowl of gravy. I love gravy!

I didn't stay dressed up all day.
I had to make a dessert for my big Chambers' Christmas gathering. I decided to take the easy way out. I bought pre-made brownies and made Santa hates with icing and strawberries. Baking and cooking are not in my favorite things to do so this dessert was perfect for me to make.

I didn't take many pictures but it was a fun day. Spending time with my family is always the best way to spend a holiday. We were so thankful that we had Dad with us. Christmas could have been a lot different for my small family and I thank God every chance I get that my dad is still here.

I did steal this picture off Instagram of Hadley and Harper in their Christmas dresses! (Thanks to their cousin for posting it!)
I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas

I just love getting picture Christmas cards! They make me happy and I have always wanted to send my own. So this year I decided to just do it!

Merry Christmas!
card design - slightly askew designs

Friday, December 20, 2013

Santa Hustle 5k

Last Sunday my friends and I ran the Santa Hustle 5k. I ran some and walked some. But if my physical therapist asks I walked it all! ;)
The race was in Sevierville, Tennessee. The Santa hat, beard, and shirt came with our registration fee. I thought tutus would make the outfit complete!  This race was so much fun even if I was not at my best!
Layered up and ready to go!

The start line...so many Santas!

My sweet friend Kelly and me before the race. She said she hadn't ran in months but she finished before the rest of our group!

On the course

A mile 1 selfie. I ran the first mile with my friend Michele. Then I decided I better walk some. I ran and walked the rest of the race. (It was a little cold - 36 degrees! So I had to run some.) I tried to concentrate on my stride. I had a run analysis last week and learned that my form was one of the causes of my hurting hip. I finished the race doing what I call the Papaw shuffle, a small jog.  My official time was 34:55 which was an 11:15 minute mile average. So I just barely met my goal of finishing in under 35 minutes. I was 29 out of 95 in my age group.
After the race we had to pose for pictures!


After group shot

I love my friend Kel. I miss her so much! She moved to Knoxville when she got married last year and we don't get to see her that much. I just love getting to hang out with her whenever I can! She is such a good sport to pose for silly pictures with me!
I am thankful that I have this group of friends who encourage me with my running. They were standing at the finish line cheering me on as I crossed.
My next race is the Disney Enchanted 10k in February. I think my hip will be in great shape by then and fingers crossed my time will improve!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

a weekend away

A few weeks ago I went to visit Hadley and Harper (plus their mom!).
  The girls were dancing at the tree lighting for their town. I knew I couldn't miss them dancing at such a fun Christmas event. The trip down was my first trip to visit them since July. I couldn't wait to soak up every minute with the girls. 

This was our selfie before school on Friday! 

Before the tree lighting. 
It was very warm that day. I think the high was 78 degrees! I figured that must be what it is like to have Christmas in Florida. I like it being cold at Christmas with snow on the ground. 

While I was there I got to see Twinkles, the girl's Elf on the Shelf.  They sure do love this fun, little elf! Each morning when the girls woke up they immediately wanted to find Twinkles.  Hadley told me numerous times that I could not touch the elf. She did not want it to lose its magic. I did have fun helping with Twinkles. 

Twinkles left this cute surprise for the girls on their picture in the family room. 

On Friday night Twinkles decided to pop some popcorn. 

While I was there the girls had a photo shoot for their Christmas card. I can't wait to see the finished card. It was chilly but the girls did a good job posing for some pictures. 

The girls love taking pictures with my phone. I have to go back and delete a lot. This picture was taken by Hadley. I thought it was a keeper. 

Twinkles left cookies on Sunday morning for the girls. I think this picture is before 8:00 am. They were all gone by the time I left at 11:00! Those girls sure do love their cookies! 

My visit with those girls helped me get out of my strange November funk. I sure do love being with them. I was afraid they would forget what I looked like since it had been so long since I saw them last. But they remembered me! 

I love that they are developing their own personalities. I wish I could be with them everyday to help Jennifer out and to love on them. Maybe one day. 


Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I have to admit that November was not my best month. I think I was slightly depressed. I was in a strange funk the whole month. Nothing seemed to feel right. So I didn't blog at all. I didn't really do much or feel like doing much. But I did do some things...
I traveled with some friends from church to see the Christmas show at the Smoky Mountain Opry in Pigeon Forge, TN. A friend's son is in the show. It definitely helped us get into the Christmas Spirit.
My friends Debbie and Angie
Debbie is just like my second mom and Angie is just like the sister I never had. These girls are my family.
Live Nativity at the show.

My Opry friends!

One very exciting thing that happened in November is that Lilly Pulitzer pinned my picture on their Pinterest page! They actually pinned 2 of my pictures the week of Lilly's birthday.
 Life's a Party. Dress Like It!

I got my new Erin Condren life planner for 2014.

I started running again but I have had some terrible hip pain with my running. So I went to the doctor and I am in physical therapy. Right now I am not allowed to run. My Disney half dreams have been modified. I am now going to run a 10k at Disney. Six miles seems more realistic than 13 miles. Hopefully training will begin soon.

I got my Lilly puffer vest monogrammed and I love it!  

A friend gave me these Lilly stemless wine glasses. It makes me happy to drink from them. Even if it is just water!

This is Thanksgiving with my dad.
I am so blessed and thankful he is still with us. Life could be so different if Dad had not survived his car wreck. Dad is making progress everyday. We just praise God for this miracle in our lives!
I am hoping December is better. I did go see my sweet girls last weekend and I have a Santa race coming up. (I have to walk it and I am not sure how I feel about that!)  Seeing Hadley and Harper helped me feel better. They are the best things I know!
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Let me start by saying that Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I do not like it at all. People dressed up freak me out just a little bit a lot. Even when I was a kid I remember not liking Halloween. I didn't even like trick or treating. I would sit in the car while my brother and friends went to get candy!
So when kids dress up I think they should have sweet and fun costumes. Not scary ones. My students would always say they were going to be a dead cheerleader or football player. Dressing up as the dead is not cool in my book.
Hadley and Harper's first Halloween. 2010
Hadley and Harper like dressing up and put a lot of thought into their costumes! Jennifer took them to the Disney store and they got to pick out who they wanted to be. Hadley picked Ariel and Harper picked Minnie Mouse. 
Dance dress up day! 2013
 Jennifer sent me this picture last week! They were having a Halloween party at their dance class.
 Sweet Harper

Precious Hadley
 I got this fun card in the mail from the girls.

I love this! Look at all the H's.

So I hate Halloween but I can't hate this -

It's a Lilly pumpkin! My friend Traci's daughter Mo painted this! Yes, they call her Mo (we just spell Moe different!) Another Moe who loves Lilly! The other Mo is super talented! Thanks for letting me share this Mo!
Happy Halloween my friends!