Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Run Moe!

Yesterday I did the longest run of my life! I have never ran or walked 4.5 miles in my life. Well, at one time!
My pace was 5.8 on my running and 3.8 on my walk. I slowed my walking down to help me make it so long. I warmed up by walking 5 minutes, ran 10 then walked 1 minute (four times), then cooled down by walking 5 minutes. During my last 10 minute run I slowed my pace down to 5.5 once I hit 4 miles.
It was a snow day and I ran in the morning. It felt so much easier running in the morning instead of after school.
I have reached my goals for March. I ran outside and I ran 4 miles. Now to keep it up!
Pinned Image
I also think I need to update my running play list. Any suggestions?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Thank You

Last week in the mail I received two thank you notes. One from my little cousin Lyndsay for her sweet 16 birthday present and one from Eleanor at Palm Village for participating in Lunch at Lilly. Both notes were handwritten and personal. Just this simple gesture made me smile. I think thank you notes are very nice. No matter the size of gift I feel a thank you note should be written. I always try to get a thank you note written for every gift I receive. I might be a little slow but I try to get them written within a month!
I guess my love for stationery and cute notes cards makes me want to write them. One of my favorite companies to purchase note cards from is Erin Condren. I gave Lyndsay the note cards for Christmas and they are from Erin Condren.
A handwritten note just makes a purchase or a gift a little nicer. When I ordered from Baublebar they sent a handwritten thank you note with it. I thought it was a nice touch and made me want to order from them again.
I know my students love getting a note from me when I write them thank you notes for gifts they give me. They read them and smile.  They also compare the notes with each other! I try hard to write a personalized note to them.
What do you think about thank you notes? Do you still write them? Do you think a verbal thank you is enough?


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Last night mom and I traveled to Charlotte to see Wicked. It was a fun way to celebrate her birthday! Mom and I love Wicked. We are Wicked groupies. This was our fourth time seeing this show. We cannot get enough of it! We also love taking people to see it. Last night we took my mom's friend, Mrs. Groves with us. She loved it as much as we do!
Mom and Me
I think my teeth look a little weird in this picture. 
Wicked is the untold story of the Witches of Oz. Funny thing is is that I have never watched the Wizard of Oz! I have seen bits and pieces of it but not the entire movie! I know the story of the movie so I was not lost the first time I saw Wicked.
It is hard to say what my favorite part is of Wicked. I love it all. The music, the story, the friendship, Elphaba and Glinda, and the costumes. It is truly a magical musical. Every second of it is enjoyable and entertaining. If you are trying to pick to a musical to see I would definitely recommend Wicked.
The only bad part of the trip was traveling on a school night. We didn't get home til 1:30 am. I didn't love getting up and going to work this morning.  It was tough. I don't know how all these parents of young kids get up with them through the night and work the next day!
The outfit I wore. I keep hoping that Spring will show up soon!
Lilly Pulitzer Moxy top and Luxury Capri's in Lucky Charms. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

 Happy Birthday Mom!
Thank you for being our biggest fan and cheerleader in life! Ryan and I are so blessed to have you as our mom!

A few reasons why my mom rocks -

1. She has naturally curly hair and she does not color it!
2. She is an awesome pre-school teacher and loves those kids like her own.
3. She taught Ryan and me to love God and who He is!
4. She has always been there for me when my heart has been broken and helped me get it put back together.
5. No matter what my mom loves Ryan and me and makes us feel like the best things in the world. Her love is amazing! 

Granny Janet with a few of her favorites.

So here is to my mom! She is a rock star!


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Running with Moe

My school system had a snow day this week so I was able to go run during the day. I think I had a good run.
I was very surprised and pleased.
Not so sure if this is correct but I will take it!
I have started to enjoy running. I like how I feel after I have completed a run for the day. It is something I look forward to on my run days!
RUN:Pace-Setter Skirt*R
I ran in my Lululemon pace setter skirt this week. I loved it! But I do love a skirt or dress in my everyday life! I can't wait to add more of them to my collection.
My running goals for March:
1. run 4 miles
2. run outside

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Twins, Lilly, and more

I got an iPhone after Christmas. It has changed my life! I take more pictures and I am completely addicted to instagram.
So Jennifer, Hadley and Harper's mom, sent me pictures last week of the girls. I had to put them side by side to try to figure out who was who. I can always tell them apart and I was shocked I couldn't tell them apart in these pictures.
Looking at it now I am still not sure who is who!

Ulta is now carrying St. Tropez! I love this self tanner. It is easy to use and doesn't have the yucky self tanner smell! It is a little pricey but so is skin cancer! I will not lay in a tanning bed anymore so this is my new alternative. I use the bronzing mousse about 2 times a week to keep me from being pasty white!

I ordered this necklace from BaubleBar (Here's an invitation). I have wanted to find a sparkly statement necklace for a while now and I found this. My first order was $10 off so I snatched this necklace up. Now I have to figure out how to wear it! In my package was a handwritten thank you note which I loved. I loved getting a handwritten note. I think it is nice and classy!
Look at these sweet faces! I'm in love!
2 year old pre-school
Since I don't live near these cuties I have to rely on Jennifer to send me pictures of the girls! Thanks Jennifer!
I went back to Ms. Arty Pants and added to my Lilly Chin Chin canvas. I think it looks much better now.
I took this picture when I was at Palm Village a few weeks ago. I love this dress! It is on my Lilly wish list.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Black and Brown

One of the blogs that I read daily, Pinterest Told Me To, is hosting a Pin-Spired Linky party. So I decided to join in on the fun.  I am suppose to grab a button code and post on my blog. I really need a blogger 101 course because I have no clue how to do that! For the time being I will just copy and paste. (I am good at that!)
I wear a lot of Lilly so recreating Pinterest outfits is sometimes not so easy. I wear a lot of dresses so changing those up doesn't happen to often. But I did see this pin on Pinterest.
I thought I have a black dress and I have brown boots, I can make this outfit! It so cold here so I had to add leggings, cardigan, and my new boot cuffs (more on those in a minute).
My Pin-Spired look -
Lilly Pulitzer Black Finn Shift Dress
Land's End Black Cardigan
Black Leggings - Belk
 Frye Melissa Button Boots in Brown (They look black in this picture but they are brown!)
Brown Boot Cuffs - made by a friend
Silpada Jewelry
Here is a close up of my boot cuffs and boots.

My boot cuffs were knitted by my friend Julie. She originally made me some pink ones but my skinny leg was just too small for the pattern. Julie had to recreate the pattern to make these brown cuffs. I think they are super cute and they really helped keep my legs warm on this cold day. Thanks Julie!
Hopefully I can recreate more Pin-Spired outfits soon.