Friday, April 20, 2018

Moe's 40 for 40

Today I turn 41 and my year of 40 for 40 is over!

Over the year I have learned a lot. Just like every year I have grown as a person and I hope that I have shown kindness to everyone I have met. I said goodbye to some wonderful friends and I have made some great new friends. I have encountered some not so nice people and I learned to forgive.  I had some sad times - we said goodbye to my Mamaw Mary.  My 40th year brought some challenges and I am learning to embrace each challenge. My friend Lesa calls our mistakes and challenges opportunities. I have had a lot of opportunities this year. Here's to the rest of my 40s!

I did try and experience 40 new things this year! Some were big and eventful and some were just new things I had never done before. I still have a list of things I wanted to do that I didn't get to experience. I guess I can put those on my 50 for 50 list! ;)

Here is my list of Moe's 40 for 40 - 

1. I took a cruise 

2. Tried orzo pasta

 3. tried a beignet (on the cruise and in New Orleans)

4. visited a tropical island

5. Tried mahi-mahi

6. tried a new restaurant in Augusta - Cadwallers. This restaurant had a sign on the door that said cell phones are not allowed! 

 7. Became an official Junior Leaguer

8. Stayed at the Ritz Carlton

9. took a bath at the Ritz

10. Visited Naples, Florida 

 11. Chicken and Waffles

12. tried a pink drink at Starbucks #basic

13. I experienced an earthquake

14. Tried a raw oyster - yuck! 

15.  tried mussels 

 16. I left Augusta and became Asheville's Store Manager

17. Visited Disney in the Fall

18. Rode Test Track for the first time (It was always closed when I visited) 

19. Rode a roller coaster with a complete stranger
20. Saw the Lion King Show at the Animal Kingdom 

21. I don't have a picture of me doing it but I tried to twirl on that darn pole...I think Sade has a video somewhere. 

22. I had professional pictures made with the girls for my Christmas card

23. I played Jenga for the first time

24. I watched a professional tennis match

25. Not just any professional but Venus Williams

26. I became a Kindergarten teacher!!

27. I paid for my drive thru Taco Bell with all coins

28. I took a Pure Barre Empower class

 29. I saw my first celebrity at Disney  - Eli Manning 

30. Got upgraded for the first time - We got upgraded to Club Level at our resort

31. Ran down Main Street USA at the Princess Half

32. Competed a Half Marathon

33. Visited Laurel, Mississippi ( One state I had never been to)

34. Ate crawfish

 35. visited the World War II museum in New Orleans 

36. visited New Orleans

Some other things I tried but don't have a picture -

37. Tried Lamb
38. Rode the new Pandora ride at Disney
39. Quit my Lilly Dream Job 
40. Left the USA for the first time 

I am thankful that God gave me the opportunities that I have experienced this year. It wasn't the easiest year in my life but it was a lot of fun! Here's to 40 or more years! 


Aunt Moe 

Sunday, April 15, 2018