Friday, May 30, 2014

some favorites on friday

Here are some things I have been loving lately...

I love, love, love the new Lobstah Roll print from Lilly for summer. I can't wait to wear this print all summer! 

Delia dress

I can't wait to see Hadley and Harper in these cute shifts. 

My favorite summer show started Wednesday.

I saw these tassel necklaces on Instagram last week and I have been thinking about them ever since. I think they are adorable.  I'm trying to decided if I need one of them in my life. I'm not sure if I can pull this look off! It's from a place called Furbish Studio and they are in Raleigh.

This picture was my throwback Thursday yesterday. It cracks me up! I have a fear of  water and this picture proves that I have always been a little scared. And am I wearing white flats in red clay mud?!?!  


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#moeeveryday2014 week 20

 Day 141
On Wednesdays we wear pink

 Day 142
We celebrated my mom's retirement from pre-school. You can read about her sweet party here!

 Day 143
I went to a church cookout and hung out with some of my banking friends. 

Day 144
I went to visit Eleanor at Palm Village so I could splash into summer!

Day 145
I wrote thank you cards on my Erin Condren note cards. 

Day 146
I had to work on Memorial Day but these cuties got to celebrate. This was a repost from Jennifer. 

Day 147
my country road
How cool is it to have a road named after your family? 


Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekend fun.

Jennifer said she took the girls into a shoe store in her town to look for shoes and the girls found some shoes just like Moe's! So Hadley and Harper now have some sandals just like me! Hadley and Harper are always putting on my shoes and walking around when I visit. 

I looked for pictures of the girls wearing my jack Rogers sandals but I didn't find it.  I found these instead
Wearing all kinds of treasures from Aunt Moe's suitcase. 

Friday night I went with my friend Angie to her Sunday school class cookout. I was hanging out with my banking friends. 

Saturday was Lilly's Splash into Summer event. They had super fun gifts with purchase.  They had Chapstick, beach speakers for phones, beach towels in Lobstah Roll, water bottle, and a cooler. The gifts were so adorable and very tempting. 

This happened at church on Sunday morning.  My pastor was preaching about Faith and thinking outside the boat! Pastor Steve wanted to keep our attention! 

My sweet friend Kyndal plays with my iPad during the church service and this wild picture was on my camera roll. This is quite a look! 

Sunday was also National Tap Dance day. I found my first Tap dance recital picture and my last dance picture to post on Instagram and Facebook. Tap was always my favorite dance! 

I had school all day on Memorial Day so Jennifer sent this cute picture to me! Sweet smiles. 

What did you do for Memorial Day weekend? 


Sunday, May 25, 2014

retirement is sweet

Last Thursday we celebrated my mom's retirement from teaching pre-school. She has been teaching pre-schoolers for 23 years!

I love planning a party so I knew I wanted to give mom a great party to honor all the years she worked. I decided on the theme "retirement is sweet" and I began planning. Mom's friends at work were very helpful in helping me put this party together! A special thanks to Sidney, Susan, Kathy, and Angela! 

 When I began thinking about the theme and who would be attending I decided to do a candy bar.  I am a big believer that every party needs a favor and who doesn't love candy!

 Mom loves blue and yellow so I knew I would use those colors.

sweet food
cupcakes, fruit, tea biscuits with honey and jam, lemonade, and sweet tea

 We used blue mason jars and daisies for decorations. We also put out old scrapbooks from past years for the guests to look at. I think this was a big hit. Mom's old students loved finding themselves in the books!

 One of mom's besties, Julia

 This is mom's former Foster Grandmother, Mrs. Forney. We love her so much! Apparently mom and Mrs. Forney used to put on beach music and dance around the classroom. So they decided to do it one last time!

 These are some of the sweet kids and families mom has taught through the years. We just adore these families. I was happy that they were able to make it to celebrate mom! She loved seeing the kids and catching up with their parents.

 Kathy and Angela.
These ladies have been mom's co-workers for many years.

 Cheesecake always makes a fabulous gift!
This family always made mom a cheesecake and she loved them. It was so sweet of them to remember that and make one for her one last time!

One of mom's current students dropped by to give her flowers. 

 Just a few guests...our family

Daddy and me

We had a good time visiting with former students, co-workers, family, and friends. Thank you for coming to celebrate my mom! Mom has taught so many kids throughout the years and she has loved every one of them. I know that she will miss those precious little ones in the fall but I am sure she will enjoy her "sweet" retirement!


Friday, May 23, 2014

#moeeveryday2014 week 19

Day 134
I had to vote for the local boy Caleb Johnson on American Idol! And her made it through. He even went on to win American Idol! Yay! 

Day 135
It was hippie day at school so a flower in my hair was needed. 

Day 136. 
Jennifer sent me this picture of the girls before their dance recital. I had to miss their recital this year because I was sick. I was so sad about it. When Jennifer told the girls I wouldn't be there, Hadley told Jennifer that she would come to the mountains and do her show for me! Harper wanted to know who was taking care of me. I love those precious girls! 

Day 137
I had to run by the Lilly store and I hung out with Alex for a little while. She look adorable in her Lilly beach pants and fish necklace. 
Alex's outfit - Sweater. Pantstank. necklace  

Day 138. 
I had a lazy Sunday afternoon. I was in my pj's by 3:30. Bronchitis has not been my friend. 

Day 139
The jewelry I wore for the day! 
Some of my Silpada favorites

Day 140
We had a baby shower at school for Baby Lincoln. I love giving gifts and was so happy to give this cute onesie to Sara. My talented friend Eleanor made it for me! 


Sunday, May 18, 2014

cupcakes and birthdays ~ Hadley and Harper turn 4

Hadley and Harper's 4th birthday party was at a local cupcake shop. Jennifer always does a great job planning the girl's birthday and sticking to a theme. I always enjoy helping her with the little details. The theme for this party was cupcakes and a little bit of a bakers theme.

The birthday girls with their mom. These girls love their mom so much and they look just like her! 

I love the Little Lilly shift dresses the girls are wearing. They are from last summer and they are called Pop. The perfect party dress. 

Each girl got a chef's hat and apron to wear for the party. 

Harper wearing the hat and apron.

Jennifer also arranged for a face painter to come and paint faces.

Each child got 2 cupcakes to decorate with pink icing. They also decorated pink bakery boxes to take their cupcakes home in.

I think the girls had a good time putting the icing on the cupcakes! 

The table after...
I think this is a sign of a good party!

Jennifer and I made the aprons for the girls to wear. Here is the step by step pictures.
 We do not sew so we made these aprons using hot glue! We cut the fabric in strips and then used the glue gun to glue them on the apron. I would put a little glue down then fold the fabric onto the glue.

 After we put down the three ruffles we topped it off with some wide ribbon.

We made 10 different aprons. I think they turned out pretty darn cute!

I am thankful that I was able to be part of the special day for the girls. Hadley and Harper loved having all their friends together for the party.