Monday, January 30, 2017

Manager's Summit 2017 in Asheville

I just got back from our 2nd annual Manager's Summit in Asheville.
I am thankful to work for a company that provides the time for the managers of all our stores to meet and plan for the year to come! 

I am also so thankful to work along side some incredible women! I really do have a dream job!

We met in Asheville at one of my favorite places to eat lunch - the Village Wayside. I miss being able to get lunch at work from here. 

Lillie, the Mandeville, LA, manager brought us all a King cake! I love some King cake! 

After lunch we did some work and team planning! Then we headed to Breakout Asheville to have some team building/bonding time. I was excited to see what this trend was all about. 

Trying out our best breakout moves!

All I really knew about this activity was that you were locked in a room and you had an hour to "breakout." It took me a while to figure out what I should be doing and I felt clueless for most of the hour. If I go again I think I might do a better job at the activity. 

We didn't breakout but we were very close. They guy told us that we worked well as a team. He said the room we were in had a 28% success rate of breaking out. I think we had 2 more clues to figure out before getting out! 

Post non breaking out

The next morning Lesa and I got up at 5:30 am and went to barre class! Lesa and I must love Pure Barre to get up so early!
I'm not loving this picture - I look tired! 

As we were walking back in to our condo I saw this beautiful sunrise in Biltmore Village. I love how the tree branches look against the pink sky! 

We quickly got ready to go have breakfast with everyone at the Grand Bohemian. 

Before the trip Lillie and I talked about how we needed to get more pictures on our trip. We always have fun together and we wanted to document it. So we tried very hard to take pictures throughout the trip. 

We worked the rest of the day on manager stuff and then prepared for our "fun" activity for the day...a trolley tour through Asheville!  I did one a few summers ago with Jennifer and the girls and learned a lot about Asheville. I think everyone enjoyed it! 

I like this picture so much better of Lesa and me! I look a little better! 

Group selfie! 

After the tour we warmed up and got ready for dinner. We got to go to the Grove Park Inn. It was a cold and rainy night so I was happy when we found rocking chairs in front of the fireplace. 

So thankful for this team!

Lesa had to leave Tuesday at lunch so we worked really hard all morning. Then that afternoon we headed to new brewery in town...New Belgium.

If you know me you know that beer is not a favorite but I did find this tour so interesting. I enjoyed seeing how beer was made. I did try the samples but didn't find anything I loved! :)

I loved this artwork that we saw on our tour! 
I love my home state of North Carolina! 

New Belgium is located where the livestock yard used to be in Asheville. They used the letters from the livestock yard and recovered them to line a wall in the brewery. 

I like how they used the history of the space to decorate the new space. 

If you are ever in Asheville I recommend going to tour the brewery! I consider myself a non drinker and I enjoyed this tour more than I thought I would. 

I think our 2nd annual manager's summit was a success! I am thankful to learn and be encouraged by all these women. I am already counting down the days until I get to spend time with them again!


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

250 Club

Last week I took my 250th Pure Barre Class! 

It took me three years and three different studios to get to the 250th class. 

Jill, the owner at Pure Barre Augusta, has been so kind and welcoming to me since my move to Augusta!

I started my journey to the 250 club on December 30, 2013 at Pure Barre Asheville.  

 I instantly feel in love with Pure Barre.

I have begged my friends to join me at the barre.

I have had teachers that push me to do the final ten, best ten. 

I have been known to break out my moves in the most random places. 

I have made more friends join me at Pure Barre. 

 I have signed the 100 club barre in Asheville.

I have celebrated Pure Barre Asheville's birthday!

I have taken numerous pictures of my sticky socks. 

 I have been taken a class in Brooklyn with some of my besties! 

I have celebrated 150 classes. 

I have taken classes where I thought I might die with some crazy tubes!

I have smiled through 200 classes!

I have hosted a pop up Pure Barre class at Palm Village Asheville. 

I have said good bye to my original Pure Barre and moved to Augusta. 

I have found a new Pure Barre home at Pure Barre Augusta.

I have taken a picture everyday of the See Your Strong challenge. 

I have visited Pure Barre Asheville on vacation and spent time with one of my favorite friends! 


I have loved every minute of my Pure Barre experience.  All 13,750 minutes of them!

If you have been one of my teachers or friends then you know this meme describes me perfectly.

Thanks to all my friends and teachers for helping me reach the 250 club! 


Monday, January 9, 2017

December #moeeveryday2016


December is my second favorite month of the year!
I love the anticipation of Christmas and the excitement in the air! If it would just snow the whole month of December I would be the happiest girl around!

I started the month hosting the Palm Village Augusta Christmas party!
I love these girls! They make work so much fun!

Lilly Pulitzer did a collaboration with St. Tropez and I couldn't be more excited! I use St. Tropez weekly and love it! 

Having fun rearranging my store.

I wanted to use this picture on Instagram for #moeeveryday because I love these leggings and my job! 

Hadley and Harper were in a Christmas program at their school. A few months ago they called and asked me to come see it. So how could we miss it?

Silly girls!

The next day we went shopping and visited the Lilly store in their town. Harper said she really needed these sunglasses. 

We also visited the bookstore. The girls really like to read and love getting a new book! 

I must have been really busy because the next picture I have is from Christmas Day!

I am always trying to take a good selfie. 
Ryan is a good sport! 

Cousin my family so much!

The day after Christmas I met my friend Kelly at Pure Barre! I love sharing my love of Pure Barre with my friends! I am always so happy when my friends agree to go! 

December was great because I got to spend time with my favorites twice! We all met in the mountains to celebrate Christmas and New Years! 

I think I look old and tired in this picture but decided I to post it anyway.
I love my sweet Hadley Grace!

And I love Harper Lane too! 

Happy New Year!