Sunday, October 4, 2015


I was so excited for September to begin. August was not my favorite month so I was excited to have a fresh new start! 

I started September with shorter hair!
I have shared my love for Pure Barre before. I started out the month by taking my 200th class. Only 50 more to go and I can become a member of the  250 club.

Speaking of Pure Barre, they celebrated their 2nd birthday!

I decided to take part in a Style Challenge on Instagram for a chance to win a new pair of Hunter Boots. Each day had certain themes and it was up to you to represent that theme with clothes. So most of my pictures for September are of me trying to be stylish. HA! (I do think I look kind of ridiculous in most of these pics!)

Style Challenge Picture #1
 The theme was "Must Be Good Jeans"
It was also college game day. My Appalachian Mountaineers were playing the Clemson Tigers. I knew that App probably would not win that game (they didn't) but I still wanted to show my Alma Mater some support! 

This is my cousin Meredith.
 She turned 16 this month but she also had a big moment in her softball career. She hit her first home run over the fence!! It was a 3 run home run. Her team won the game 3-2 and she was the MVP of the game! I am so proud of her! She is such an amazing kid and athlete.

 I want to remember this day as the time I sat on Interstate 40 for 3 hours.

 Not really , I want to remember it as the time we celebrated these ladies birthdays!
 Happy Birthday Mrs. Groves and Julia! It was a blast sitting on the interstate for 3 hours with you and enjoying a yummy meal at Ruth's Chris! 

 Style challenge picture #2
It was Lovely Loafers.
I said it was a lovely day to be "loafer"ing around on my day off.

Style Challenge pic #3
The Bling Ring. 
This dress was perfect for this day! My ring pop Lilly dress. 

Style Challenge picture #4
Purple, Lilac, and Lavender

Style Challenge Picture #5
The theme was Black to Basic.
Well this Lilly girl doesn't own much black so my black to basic was the classic Lilly shift. After all, it all started with a juice stand!

We celebrated my cousin Lauren and baby Piper with a Piper & Co baby shower.

After the shower I drove down to Pinehurst to spend some time with some of my favorites! It was rainy and it rained the entire time I was there! 

I rarely go to the movies so I had to take a picture to document that I was at the movies.
We saw The Intern and it was cute. 

The next day I had lunch with these cuties! I still can't believe they are kindergartners!

When we got home Hadley, Harper, and I played school. We actually did all their homework for the week.
It was fun getting to help the girls. I enjoyed "playing" school.

It was my last night with the girls so we snuggled on the couch and took selfies and made a few videos to send to my friend Kelly. Kelly was in the hospital having her baby! The girls were so excited about the baby!

I had to be at work on Tuesday afternoon. I got up early with the girls and chatted with them before they left for school. Later on that afternoon I was looking through my pictures and saw this picture. I can't tell you how much this picture brightened my day.

Because on my way home and to work this happened...
I was in a car accident on I-40. It happened so fast and was so scary. I am beyond thankful that I am okay. I have been sore and stiff for several days. I know that God took care of me that day because it could have been much worse.

I was sitting still on I-40 because of another accident about 3 miles ahead of me. The next thing I remember is being hit from behind and slamming into the car in front of me. From what I understand a van hit the truck behind me and somehow ended up slamming into the back of my car too. In all there were four cars involved. I was about an hour away from home and I was by myself. The state trooper working the wreck was so kind to me and let me sit in his car while I waited on my parents. I was nervous and talked a lot. Bless him!

I am still waiting to hear about my car. Hopefully this week I will learn more. Bad things happen in threes. So I think this is my third bad thing. First -  my car was hit by a tree. Second - my wallet was stolen. Third - my car accident. So guess what friends?! The rest of my year should be fabulous!

Something great did happen on this day! My friend Kelly had her baby! Baby Thomas was born!

I can't wait to meet this beautiful baby boy! I love him and his mommy so so much!