Monday, June 27, 2016

Vero Beach - Resort Buy 2016

In May I had the opportunity to travel to Vero Beach for the Lilly Pulitzer Resort 2016 on sale. It is always exciting to get to go buy for my store and see my Palm Village family! The location of the trip wasn't too bad either! 

I had to get up early to fly out of Augusta. I wanted to make sure I made it to the airport on time. I am still learning my way around town so I left in plenty of time for my 7:20 am flight. I was sitting at my gate at 6:45 am waiting to board. 

I sent this picture to my dad so he could see the plane I was boarding.

I landed in Charlotte and met up with my friend Lesa! She is the manager of Palm Village Knoxville. We love flying with her! She is just the cutest with her blanket! 

We stayed at the Costa d'Este. Gloria Estefan and her husband own this resort. The entire time we were there I kept looking for Gloria! 

Once we were checked in we had lunch and headed straight to the beach! 

I miss Alex so much so it is always great to see her. I miss working with her everyday. 

 Lesa and I had to snap a selfie wearing our Lilly bathing suits! 

My view for most of that afternoon! Not too shabby for a work trip!

On Sunday we had a spa day and a nice dinner out. 
 Me (Augusta), Alex (Asheville), Eleanor (leader of the pack), Lesa (Knoxville), and Lillie (Mandeville)

I think we have such a fun group of ladies! I enjoy every second with these gals. 

The next morning we were up early for a long day of work. I don't have a picture of that because it is top secret! You have to wait till October to see that!

After about 10 hours of working we had dinner by the beach! 
Me, Alex, and Lillie

 We met our new Lilly rep for our stores on this trip....Amy! She spent the evening chatting with us and it was nice getting to know her. 

My Palm Village family
These ladies are some of my most favorite people in the world!  

We left on Tuesday but before we left I had to visit Countryside Citrus. This was a recommendation from one of my sweet Augusta customers. I got some soft served Orange ice cream. It was yummy. I do love ice cream!

I wish I could have stayed a little longer but I couldn't wait to get back to my store and my staff! I can't wait to see my Palm Village family in August for the Spring 2017 on sale! 


Thursday, June 23, 2016

#moeveryday2016 days 130 - 147

So somehow I got very mixed up with my days. My number was off and I am way behind in posting them to my blog. This is my attempt to play catch up! 

day 135
The girls had some pictures made around their 6th birthday! I just think these are the cutest and sweetest toothless grins I have ever seen.

day 136
Thanks to my sweet staff I discovered Gossip Girl. I quickly became obsessed. I think its funny because I had never really heard of this show and Gossip Girl signed off with xoxo on every episode. My girls at the shop thought that I signed xoxo, aunt moe because of Gossip Girl. But I do not! This whole time I thought I was being an original. HA!

day 137
Just a couple of cuties on my computer screen

day 140
Work Trip!

And extra picture of the day! I got to spend time with my Palm Village Family! Lesa is the PV Knoxville manager. I love it when we can get together.

day 141
Palm Village Family.
Me (Augusta), Alex (Asheville), Eleanor (Director of Stores), Lesa (Knoxville), Lillie (Mandeville)

Day 142
I am blessed with a work family that I love! 

Day 143
I got to enjoy some orange ice cream before I left Vero Beach! It was yummy!

Day 144
My refrigerator had a new visitor. Lillie from Mandeville gave us all a reminder of Mandeville for our homes! Thanks Lillie!

day 145
Splash into Summer was held over Memorial Day. I had a hug hammock taking over my shop window.

day 146
I am thankful to have this gal beside me for all things Lilly in Augusta!

day 147
I got a new toy. I am the least techy person ever so this is a big step for me. I am still trying to figure out how to use it.

Thanks for stopping by!