Thursday, April 28, 2016

#moeeveryday2016 week 15

Hi friends!

day 98
I took this picture because I just wanted to take a picture with my Masters hat and a pineapple. 
(Wearing my Masters hat kind of makes me feel like a local! Ha!)

day 99
It was Masters Saturday! I had sweets and treats for everyone! 

day 100
I watched the final round of the Masters on TV. I was pretending I was there. 
#mynewhometown #my backyard
I really don't know anything about golf but I quickly learned during this week. 

day 101
I had a day off and decided to paint my peach coffee table. I like the grey so much better.

day 102
I loved seeing an advertisement for my store in the Augusta Magazine!


Monday, April 11, 2016

#moeeveryday2016 week 14

Week 14 was an exciting week! 
Carolina was in the final four and Masters week started in Augusta! 

Since I just moved to Augusta I felt like I had a lot to learn about the Masters. I really wanted tickets so I could go in and see Augusta National. I did get to go out on Sunday morning to the Drive, Chip, Putt tournament. Which was enough to get me hooked. Now I want to tickets for the Masters! Maybe next year! 

Day 91
 Our signs were finally put up! We are getting closer to our Grand Opening!

day 92
 Carolina was playing that night to advance to the championship game! I spent the day cheering them on from Georgia! They won that night but unfortunately lost in the championship game. I was sad but still love those Tarheels! 

day 93
 I was lucky enough to get a pass to go in the the Drive, Chip, Putt and see part of Augusta National. 
Let me tell you - the grounds are beautiful, the gift shop is amazing, and the egg salad sandwich rocked my world! I am still dreaming of that sandwich!

day 94
 Alex came to town to help me with the fashion show we had at Club Magnolia. 
I love my Palm Village Family!

Just a few more pictures from the fashion show! 

day 95
 Alex was still in town and we had fun gifts for Masters week! 

day 96
 Palm Village had the sign at Surrey for Masters week! 

day 97
 It was the first day of the Masters and I wanted to celebrate! We had special cookies for the week and I wore the cutest vintage Lilly dress! A sweet customer let me borrow this dress for the week! I loved this classic Lilly!

Club Magnolia is a hospitality venue only opened during the Masters. Palm Village Augusta dressed the Magnolia girls for the week! I wanted to check out the venue. I went out on Thursday to deliver a few clothing items and see what it was all about. The Magnolia girls looked adorable in their dresses! I had to snap a picture! 
They looked so pretty and all the girls were so sweet and kind!

Week 14 was a busy but exciting week!


#moeeveryday2016 week 13

Here is a look back at week 13.

Day 84
I posted this picture just because I love these girls so much! The girls were in town for my opening day.

Day 85
The day I matched my dressing room!
This print, Skinny Dippin, is probably one of my favorite Lilly prints! 

day 86
I was able to make a quick trip home for Easter. So we had lunch for mom's birthday and Easter. My brother looks amused! 

day 87
I had some Spring Break visitors. 

day 88
I love it when I have friends visit! Especially the best friend!

day 89
My favorites!

day 90
Just hanging out by my Masters wall at my Lilly dream job!
The print designers at Lilly painted these beautiful prints for our store!


Friday, April 8, 2016

#moeeveryday2016 week 12

I am behind on posting my picture of the day! I have to say that I have been super busy opening a store, planning a fashion show, and selling some clothes!

day 78
mannequins on the sidewalk
We were unpacking and moving in. I just loved seeing these mannequins on the sidewalk! It made me smile.

day 79
my Lilly girls
Just a picture with a few of my Lilly girls! 

day 80
homemade orangeade made with my juicer from Jennifer and the girls
One of my favorite things to do with Hadley and Harper is to go and get an orangeade. So the girls gave me a juicer! I have to say I have gotten pretty good at making them! 

day 81
A sweet customer brought this vintage Lilly dress to me for Masters' week and I had to try it on immediately! I love a great Lilly shift! 

day 82
Just another picture of my Lilly store!
I have spent so much time here over the past few weeks! I am happy it is so pretty and feels like home!