Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New York Weekend

Over the long weekend my friend Michele and I traveled to New York to visit our mutual friend Katelyn. Katelyn moved to Brooklyn about a year and half ago. We have been talking about going to see her since she moved. I'm so happy we decided to go. We had a blast! 

An airport selfie
 Next stop Brooklyn
 On Saturday morning we had breakfast and walked around Katelyn's neighborhood before heading to take a Pure Barre class. 
 I love this wall in the Pure Barre studio. 
This was Katelyn's 200th Pure Barre class!
I took this selfie and sent it to Hadley and Harper to let them see how cold it was on Saturday! It was so cold. 

On Saturday evening we traveled into New York City. Our first stop was the 9/11 memorial.

 Freedom Tower
 We visited Rockefeller Center.
 And saw the musical Matilda.

My Fitbit results for Saturday
 Sunday morning we woke up and it was pouring the rain! So we ran to a bagel shop and got some bagels!
 We ventured back into the city on Sunday afternoon to do some shopping and eat some New York Pizza.

I wanted to visit the Lilly store and when we got there it was closed!

 Oh well! Maybe next time!

We visited Madison Square Garden and the New York Knicks


The Empire State Building

We had a great time visiting with Katelyn and Seth in Brooklyn for the weekend. They were so kind to let us stay at their apartment with them. We ate some great food and had some fun. I can't wait to go back! 


Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Goals

I always make New Year goals. Sometimes they are simple and I reach it or cross it off my list. Sometimes they are are hard and I just never accomplish it. This year goals will be a challenge but I am hoping that on December 31 I can say I accomplished them! 

My goals for 2015...

This year I plan to stop the negative self talk. 
I don't know about you but I am my worst enemy. I constantly compare myself to others and put myself down. This year I am stopping that! I want my mind to have positive thoughts. I think this will be hard. For the past few days when I start negative talk I try to think something positive about myself. I am hoping that my friends will help me with this and give me reminders.

This year I plan to join this club and sign the barre.

I want to read 12 books or more if I can!

And my last goal for the year
spend every moment I can with theses precious girls.

I'm linking up for some show and tell! So exciting,  I mean who doesn't love a good show and tel?!

Do you make New Year's goals? I would love to hear what you are planning to do this year! 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

#moeeveryday2014 week 52

On January 1st, 2014 I decided to take a picture everyday and post it to Instagram. At that time I thought it would be easy to do that but it turned out to be harder than I thought! So thank you to those who have hung in there with me! 

Day 358
Twinning on a rainy Christmas Eve with my sweet friend Emily!

 Day 359
I love my cousin Tanya!

 Day 360
My friend Alex is a Quad and I finally got to meet her 3 sisters!

 Day 361
This funny little guy came to visit the Lilly store.

 Day 362
New Christmas bling!

Day 363
I love my out of town guests!

Day 364
I spent the day shopping with these cutie pies!

Day 365
Happy New Year's Eve!