Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Whereabouts

This past weekend my family traveled to Williamsburg, Virginia to attend the funeral of my Grandfather. He owned a sign company for years. The picture above is his very first sign shop in Williamsburg.
My brother Ryan and me

 I wanted a picture of us together since we were dressed up! I can't remember the last time I saw him in a suit!
My Parents
On Sunday we drove down to the Outer Banks because Dad and Ryan had never been! The first stop we made was Duck Donuts.
These are the absolute best donuts! If you are ever in the Outer Banks you need to visit one of their locations!
Visiting the Wright Brothers Memorial.

We were exhausted when we finally made it home! It was an emotionally and physically tiring weekend.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Biltmore Run

Tulips at Biltmore
Last week a group of my friends went running at the Biltmore Estate. We are all running the Biltmore 5K in May so we wanted to go for a run on the Estate. My friend Brooke joined us and she is running the 15K in May!  It was such a pretty day and we all had a great run. I think it is very encouraging to have friends running with me. I am currently running/walking a 10:50 mile.
After our run we did a little shopping in Biltmore Village and had dinner at Doc Chey's.

my yummy Pad Thai from Doc Chey's
I am looking forward to going back and running some more at the Biltmore Estate.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Birthday!

 Yesterday I celebrated my birthday! At first I thought I wouldn't be seeing the girlies on our birthday because I was waiting to go visit for their birthday party in a few weeks. But I got a BIG surprise Friday afternoon at school...they came to see me for the weekend!
I was so happy I cried! It was a great way to begin my weekend!
On Friday night my friend Kelly came in from Knoxville to celebrate my birthday and my friends Amber and Cynthia birthdays!
Good times!
Yesterday I spent the day with the girls, Jennifer, Jennifer's mom LouAnn, and my mom. We went to the Mountain Playlodge in Asheville. (Super cool place for kids in this area!) We ate lunch at Chick-fil-A and had yogurt at Sweet Frogs.
playing beauty shop

Then we went to the Lilly store! They were having a surprise party for me!
Photo: You won't want to miss this!!!
I was lucky enough to win this scarf on my birthday! Thanks Palm Village!
Harper and my mom hanging out in Palm Village while I shopped. Hadley was asleep in the car!
My birthday message from McKinley and Myles (Hadley and Harper cousins) - too cute not to share!
It was a fun day! I am very blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My iPhone Life

Just some random pictures I have on my iPhone.
I think my heart melted when I saw this picture. Sweet girls!
These cutie pies will be celebrating a birthday this Saturday! I can't believe they will be 3!
I tried to explain that my birthday was the same day. Not sure they get it but they did say I would be 2 on my birthday!
Julie, Terre, and Me
Last week my class and the other second grade classes took a field trip to Mingus Mill in Cherokee. This was Terre's last field trip. She is retiring at the end of May! Terre has been my mentor since I started teaching. I am not sure what I will do without her.

My Lilly inspired Silpada table.
Getting a Runner's magazine in the mail makes me feel like a real runner! ha!
My work computer. Celebrating Lilly everyday!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad

This past weekend my church hosted a women's conference on fashion. It was called "Good Girls Don't Have To Dress Bad."  At first I was skeptical because I thought I didn't dress bad! I like the way I dress! But I was wrong, I learned several things to help me dress for my body type and what colors would look best on me. (I still don't think I dress that bad!)

Ready to take notes! I am such a nerd!
Lilly Pulitzer Elsa top in Turquoise Get Your Chev On
Loft Marisa Cropped Pants in White
The conference was lead by Shari Braendel. If you ever have a chance to go see her speak - GO! She gave great tips, was hilarious, and has a awesome message. Shari has a book called Good Girls Don't Have To Dress Bad. I have downloaded it on my nook and I am ready to go!
Shari, aka the fashion expert, and me
(I got her stamp of approval for my outfit!)

Taken from her website Fashion Meets Faith -   Shari delivers the message, "The King is enthralled with your beauty" (Psalm 45:11) and that women no longer need to conform to the pattern of this world, but can be transformed through the love of Christ (Romans 12:2).
Shari gave each lady in attendance a color analysis. She has 6 categories that she thinks each lady falls into - light, deeps, warm, cool, clear, and soft. I am a soft. At first she said I was a clear naturally but I had made myself a soft because of my hair! The first thing she told me was to never wear black again! Good thing I don't wear a lot of black but I was a bit shocked! Black is slimming and doesn't everyone look good in black? Shari went on to tell us that black would make the soft girls age 5 to 10 years while wearing it! Guess what - I think black is out of my closet!  She also told me to not wear pink and white together! Yikes - now that one I have a problem with! I love pink and white but I have always known in the back of my mind that pink wasn't my best color. (They are staying. Sorry, Shari!)
My mom (in the brown polka dot shirt) is a clear. She was pulled up to show what not to wear! Shari told her to give that brown shirt away! Ha!
Shari gave so many great tips on what we should do when we get dressed, what size accessories we should wear, and what the length of our capris and skirts should be. Shari does give visuals to help you. Some of the women of the church gave a fashion show. They started as a Don't but got turned into a Do!
A Don't to a Do!

A few of the things I took from this conference -

1. Everyone is beautiful! God doesn't make ugly!
2. We should be clothed with compassion and kindness.
3. Forget the number (size) on the clothes. Buy what fits!!
4. If you dress sexy, you will get sex. If you dress lovely, you will get love!



Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Break

Hugs from Hadley
This is how I spent my Spring Break! Spending time with some of my favorite girls!
Posing in front of the future Lilly store!


Oh Shift!

I want to soak up every minute I can with these girls!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Picture Day and Lilly

Monday was class picture day at school. My class and I lined up on the gym steps and tried to smile our best smiles. I love class picture day! All the kids are dressed up and look so cute. It has become a tradition for my class to take a goofy picture. I can't wait to see it when it comes in!
Lilly Pulitzer passed away on Sunday. So of course I had to wear Lilly to honor her!
 Top - Moxy Top in Flutter Blue Lucky Diagonal Stripe.
Pants - Luxury Capri in Lucky Charms.
Belt - Charmed Belt
Shoes - Jack Rogers in Platinum
Wearing Lilly makes me happy. The colors instantly put me in a good mood. Last year on Lilly's Facebook page I posted that Lilly made me feel...
Lilly turned it into a pin on Pinterest. 
It is finally warm so I got to wear my sandals!
Today I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.
pleated poppy

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Oh Shift!

Last week Lilly Pulitzer announced a Oh Shift instagram contest. Of course I had to enter a picture of the cutest Lilly girls I know!
On Friday I got a notification that we were one of the top favorites in the contest.  They posted this picture on instagram. 
If you look close you will see those cute girls in the top left hand corner!
I was super excited that Lilly would include the picture in one of their post!
The winner gets a $500 Lilly gift card and is determined by the most votes on Facebook. You can vote here! Thank you for voting!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Easter was cold and rainy this year. Our morning started with going to church and ended with a family dinner.
My pictures didn't turn out to be so good. My mom, dad, and I look like we are in a fog.

We made Easter treats for my cousins that we found on Pinterest.
Its my Spring Break so I am off to spend the week with my girls, Hadley and Harper!
Can't wait to see these beautiful smiles!