Thursday, July 28, 2016

#moeeveryday2016 -June

June started off really hot in Augusta and ended even hotter in Augusta!

Before I moved I knew it would be hot. I have visited Jennifer in the eastern part of NC during the summer. It's hot there so I thought I was somewhat prepared. But I was not. I don't think the temperature has been below 95 since June 1st! This has been a major adjustment for this mountain girl. I finally see why the mountains of North Carolina are a great getaway!

Palm Village Augusta was lucky to have a print designer come paint a dressing room and add some finishing touches to our store.

The print designer's name was Melissa so it was easy to remember!
Mo, Melissa, me (Moe or Melissa)

As I was walking on my morning walk I fell on the sidewalk! I am thankful that I was not walking alone that morning. My friends Eleanor and Chris were walking with me. They quickly picked me up! 
My leg matched my Lilly dress for the day. 

It was a bittersweet day. Hadley and Harper finished Kindergarten. They have grown so much. 
They can read and write! I am so proud of them. They still don't love school but they did love their teacher! 

This summer I have had two college girls working with me. I love having them around me. Palmer and Callie keep me young! 

When the heat decided to come and stay a while I decided I needed to get away for a day or two. This was a 200 mile difference.  It was good to be home in the cool weather! 
My friend Kelly was home visiting family too so we had to find time to have lunch. I finally got to meet Baby Thomas! Even though he really loves his mom, I think he decided he could love his Aunt Moe! 

And I think he is in love with Cynthia! 

We love our sweet Baby Corn! 

On my way back to Augusta I had to run into the Asheville store to see my girls! 

I made it back to Augusta just in time for the best Lilly pop up print ever! 
You Gotta Regatta was re-released! This is one of my all time favorite Lilly prints!

I am feeling official. My business cards came in! 

We spent Father's day in Hilton Head. It was nice to take a mini vacation to the beach. 

I love my daddy!

I spent the morning of National Wear Your Lilly Day on the beach! 

Kayle and Sade cement the store wearing the same dress! So I made them take a picture! 

I am obsessed with Blake Lively's hair! So I tried to recreate her ponytail. I just need longer hair and little more curl!

I needed some models for Lilly shorts for little girls! Of course I asked my favorite little girls! 

I am slowly making my house more of my home. I love the North Carolina print that my friend Traci made for me! It was the perfect touch for my entry way table.

Do all these pillows make my bed look big?! 

Thanks for looking through all my June pictures for #Moeeveryday. 

I always think its fun to look back and remember what I was doing throughout the month! See you soon with a July recap! 

Aunt Moe

Monday, July 18, 2016

#moeeveryday2016 - days ?

In 2014 when I took a picture of the day I did a great job keeping up with the days and number. This year not so much. I am not sure if I should continue with my picture of the day or just give up! We will see. I haven't been able to post everyday so I do not have numbers for each picture. I am doing my best to catch up! 

I had some visitors for Memorial day weekend. The weather was great. Not too hot! We were able to take a walk after dinner several evenings. 

While my friends were in town we decided to check out a peach stand! 

I always hate to see my best friends leave. Its no secret I adore them!

Just another day in the Lilly store!

We are always trying to come up with creative and fun Instagram post. I think this was one of the cutest! 

We celebrated with donuts for National Donut Day! 

At the beginning of June my store got a little makeover! We had the privilege of having a Lilly print designer come and put some finishing touches on the store! 

We were sorting shells for my shell mirrors! So much fun with some super sweet friends! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Aunt Moe