Sunday, September 13, 2015


I wanted to title this post a series of unfortunate events.  I had some not so fun moments in August. But overall I guess it wasn't so bad...

It started out pretty good. We had an anniversary sale at work and the Lilly jeep came to visit.

When I walked out to my car that day I discovered a tree had fallen and hit my car.

I got to go see the musical Cinderella! It was amazing!   

One of the fun perks of working at Lilly is getting to play dress up when the new stuff arrives.

August was turning out to be okay when these cute kids came to visit.
My friends and I played tourist in Asheville. We rode the trolley around town!
My cousin Lyndsay started college. Her mom sent me this picture. Lyndsay is holding Otis. Otis is  the bear we gave her when she was a baby. Otis is going to college too! 

Mom and I gave Mamaw Mary her first Lilly! (she hates having her picture made!)

McKinley started school and wore a super cute dress.

Around this time my wallet was stolen. So that added a few days of stress. Boo!

Just because I thought the sky was pretty and I needed a reminder that everything will be okay.

Hadley and Harper started Kindergarten so I traveled down so I could be with Jennifer on the first day of school. When I arrived the girls gave me a few pictures. I love this picture of the three of us!
They are growing up too fast!

While my car was in the shop my rental was a Jeep Wrangler.  We took the top off and rode around town. The girls loved the Jeep!

My favorite thing to do in their town is to go have a homemade Orangeade.

Happy girls on their first day of school.

After we dropped the girls off at school, Jennifer and I shopped around town. I got locked in the bathroom. I kind of panicked for about five minutes but eventually got the door opened. Thank goodness!

And just a picture of the cutest kindergartners and me.