Saturday, July 6, 2013

Disney - Day Three

My heart belongs in Magic Kingdom. Once I walk in the gates I become a 5 year old girl again. My heart melts when I see the castle and my eyes get a little moist! I love that Disney can make all of us feel young again and it is completely magical. 
Get ready for more Disney pictures!

We started our morning early in the Magic Kingdom. I wanted to get there early enough to avoid the big crowds! We were able to do Tomorrowland and Fantasyland fairly quick. Ryan and mom were good sports to get up early with me! (I am a morning person. Mom and Ryan - not so much!)
Love, love, love! 
Ryan took advantage of Starbucks on Main Street. He was surprised it was cheaper at Disney than here at home!

It's a Small World. 
I know that many of my friends cringe when they think of this ride but I adore it. All the little dancing dolls makes me smile. After all - it's a world of laughter and a world of cheer!  

Next up was lunch at Be Our Guest inside the Beast's castle.  I wanted to do dinner but we couldn't get  reservations! So I settled for lunch. I thought the food was yummy and the atmosphere was incredible. I will be eating here again. Hopefully when I go back to run my Princess race! 

Belle's cottage 

After lunch we got in line to do Enchanted Tales with Belle. I feel like this is a must do while in the Magic Kingdom. As you are waiting to go in you move through Belle's cottage. 

This is the part where she meets Prince Charming but she won't discover that it's him til chapter three! (I'm now singing this song in my head!)

Once we got inside the attraction, we were assigned parts in the story. We acted out the part where Belle and Beast fall in love! I got to be the horse. I had to gallop and neigh like a horse. I can't believe Disney is not calling me now to perform everyday! 

I had to include this picture. This little girl's face was precious! She was dancing with Belle and was enchanted for sure. When I looked over at my mom she was crying! That is one of the parts that I just love about Disney...the eyes of a child! 

After my awesome performance I got to pose with Princess Belle. 

Princess Tiana

Last time I was at Disney I did not meet Princess Tiana. She is one of Hadley and Harper's favorite princesses. She was so sweet. Princess Tiana made the sweetest video for the girls.  

Mom and me on Its a Small World. 
It was very hot that day so we went back to the hotel to rest and shower again! When we got back to the Magic Kingdom, Ryan had another Starbucks!

The first night we tried to watch the night parade but had trouble seeing it. We decided we wanted a good seat for the parade so we found a place and sat down. We waited for about 2 hours to watch a parade!

Our view while waiting

our waiting selfie

Tinkerbell started the parade.
After the parade we watched the fireworks and the castle show (Celebrate the Magic). We also walked around the park one last time!

I decided to go visit the fairies to see if they would make a video for the girls. They did but it was very odd. I felt like these fairies had attitude! I didn't really care for the visit with them!
My favorites of day 3 -
1. The nighttime parade
2. Enchanted Tales with Belle
3. Wishes (fireworks)
4. Eating at Be Our Guest
5. Really, all of it!
Our friend, Jillian, met us at the Magic Kingdom on this day. She is working there as a seasonal employee. It was great spending time with her!
I loved being with my mom and brother at Disneyworld. We had such a great time. I can't wait to go back and run the Princess half in February!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Disneyworld - day two

Our second day at Disney was our busiest. We hit 3 parks that day. We started at Animal Kingdom bright and early at 9:00.  Because we were doing 3 parks that day we only did a few attractions at each park. 

The Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom

The first ride we rode was the Safari.  The animals were out feeding so we saw several animals. I thought this giraffe was beautiful. 

Our second stop at Animal Kingdom was the Finding Nemo show. This show was amazing! It is a must see at Animal Kingdom. 

After the Animal Kingdom we went to Epcot. Apparently I didn't take any pictures! We did one of my all time favorites - Soarin! The Wait for this ride was crazy - 85 minutes! But I think it is worth it. We ate and visited France while we were there. 

Our last stop of the day was Hollywood Studios. My first stop was the Aerosmith ride. As I walked up to get fast passes the workers were standing outside.  The ride was down for technical difficulties. Secretly inside I was freaking out but I got a fast pass anyway. Later on when we went back to ride, the ride was still down. To say I was bummed was an understatement. This roller coaster is my all time favorite! 

The hat in Hollywood Studios. 

In Studios we watched the Beauty and Beast show and the Little Mermaid show. We also ate at the Hollywood Brown Derby. 

After dinner we decided we were just so tired we had to go back to the room to sleep. 

My favorites from day 2 - 

1. Finding Nemo Musical
2. Soarin
3. Beauty and Beast stage show. 

I need to say a huge thank you to Bryan Groves. He was our "tour guide" at Disney that day. His mom, Kathy, works with mom and Bryan works at Disney. Bryan had never met us before and he spent the day with us. It's always great to have friends that work at Disney because they know the ins and outs to help make the day go easier!