Wednesday, December 24, 2014

#moeeveryday2014 week 51

 Day 351
Lighting the menorah on the second night of Hanukkah with my Jewish friends. 
I'm not Jewish but my friend Alex is so at our Lilly Christmas party we lit the menorah with her. I thought it was so neat to watch one of Alex's holiday traditions. 

Not a picture of the day but a fun Lilly work family!

 Day 352 
I helped my sweet friend Amber in her Kindergarten craft day! I had a blast in her classroom.

 Day 353
I think I am a little Frozen obsessed. I made these for work and on the next day...
 Day 354
I think we ate too many of the Frozen cookies!

 Day 355
Family selfie. Just missing mom. 
(She was sick so she missed out.)

 Day 356 
Merry Christmas!

Day 357
Picture Christmas cards are my favorite! 


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Disney trip day 4

This was our last day at Disney. I think if we were planning our trip now we might have taken a day for just resting at our resort.  The kids needed a break and the adults needed one too! Unfortunately  we didn't have a day for rest so we packed up our bags and strollers and headed to the Magic Kingdom. We had fast passes for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Enchanted Tales With Belle.  

Our first stop was the Mine Train. Since this ride is Disney's newest ride the wait times were always an hour or more. Thankfully we had fast passes and our wait was less than 5 minutes. 

We purchased the Memory Maker before we left and ride pictures are included. I think you can tell that we had a blast on this ride! 

Our next stop was Enchanted Tales with Belle. I think this should be a must do when visiting Disney with small kids. 

We left the Magic Kingdom and headed to Hollywood Studios. 

Day 4 and we are tired. 

Hadley modeling her new Princess hat with Rapunzel hair. This is also the time that Hadley convinced me that she needed a Rapunzel dress up dress. 

We got to meet some more characters. 

Harper told Jake that she thought he was cute!

We had to go to the Frozen Sing-a-long. 

The Frozen sing-a-long is the first time I cried on this trip. (I thought I would cry throughout the whole trip. Before we left the thought of the girls at Disney made me tear up!) Seeing McKinley, Hadley, and Harper singing the Frozen songs just did me in.  They were singing their hearts out and it was pure joy. 

The last stop for the day was eating some Frozen cupcakes. 

I am so thankful that I got to go on this Disney trip with my other family.  Jennifer and her family were so nice to included mom, Ryan, and me on this trip. There are not enough words to say thank you! 

Here are some helpful hints for planning a trip with kids and a large group! 

1. Have a travel planner! Our planner, Jennifer, went above and beyond to plan this trip with us.  She was just a phone call away when we had questions or concerns. If you are thinking about a trip to Disney call her! Jennifer is a rock star at planning Disney trips! 

2. Rent a Bob stroller. Jennifer and Kim took care of renting the strollers but I did help with them while at the park. Jennifer had 2 single strollers for the girls and Kim had a double stroller for her kids.  The Bob single stroller was much easier to use! Honestly I could have pushed it with my pinky finger through the park. The double stroller was just too big in my opinion and harder to fold for the buses. 

3. Arrive to the parks early. 

4. Enjoy!

This was my fourth trip in two years to DisneyWorld and I thought I might be done for a while. But I am already planning my next trip in my head!


Thursday, December 18, 2014

#moeeveryday2014 week 50

Week 50! Just two more weeks of 2014! 

Day 344
I worked on letter mats for my sweet kindergarten reading group. Of course I used pink paper! 

Day 345
A throwback to Disney and I finally finished my blogging about Disney day four. 

Day 346
Sisters make the best friends! 

Day 347
Hadley and Harper had a gingerbread decorating party on Saturday. I love being part of their Holiday celebrations. 

Day 348
Look who came home with Aunt Moe for a few days!

Day 349
These girls love jumping at the mall! 

Day 350
I hate saying good-bye to these precious girls! 


Friday, December 12, 2014

Disney Day 3 Magic Kingdom

On the third day of Disney we had a lot of fun. We met a lot of princesses, rode some rides, and went to a dance party! My brother, Ryan, went on the Keys to the Kingdom tour and got to explore the underground Disney and learn lots of secrets! 

We started our day here. We saw the wait time (this was at 8:50) and left! Anna and Elsa are some popular girls. I posted this to Facebook and my friends quickly informed me that this was a very reasonable wait time I have heard that the wait time can reach 240 minutes!
Meeting the main man of Disney. Mr Mickey Mouse. 
Mickey talks to you when you visit him at the Magic Kingdom.
Pictures from around the park.

When you asked the girls who they wanted to meet when we went to DisneyWorld they said they wanted to meet the Frozen sister. What little girl doesn't want to meet them? We had tried to get a fast pass 3 months before we left for Disney but they were already unavailable!

Someone had told me that I should talk to a cast member about meeting Anna and Elsa. I thought that would be pointless because everyone wanted to meet the frozen sisters. But after seeing how disappointed the girls were after not getting to meet them I knew I would give it a shot. While the group was riding a ride in Tomorrowland, my mom and I walked up to Fantasyland to see how long the wait was for Anna and Elsa. It was still 90 minutes! I saw a cast member in a jacket that said Leadership team and I went straight to him.  His name was Kellen. I asked him what was the best way to get my nieces into meet the Frozen characters. Kellan told me that I was talking to the right person...him! He said he would take us back to meet Anna and Elsa. I immediately started calling everyone to get up there. Once they got there Kellan took us back.  He told us that this was his Disney moment for the day. Hadley, Harper, and McKinley were beside themselves. So the point to my long story is talk to Disney cast members. They will help you out if they can!

Splash Mountain


Buzz Lightyear ride pictures

We ended the night dancing at the Tomorrowland dance party with the Incredible's. Mom, Ryan, and I went to a dessert buffet to watch the fireworks.

 Tinkerbell made her flight right above us at the dessert buffet.

I just love the castle at night at Christmas at Disney! It's my favorite!

This was a busy day and I think we were all exhausted! I hope you enjoyed all the pictures!


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

#moeeveryday2014 week 47

Day 323 
Arm Candy

Day 324
It's nice to have reading officially added to my teaching license.

Day 325
Every time I walk through the village I sing the song from Beauty and the Beast...little town, it's a quiet village.

Day 326 
I entered a giveaway to win these cute Minnie ears!

Day 327
Receiving pictures like this on a rainy Sunday totally make the day brighter!

 Day 328
My #mcm just kidding, its my monogram!

Day 329
Merry Merry Me!
I'm glad I'm not the only one wearing a Christmas sweater to work!


#moeeveryda2014 week 49

 Day 337
Some fourth graders at my school taught me how to do double digit multiplication and easier way. What do you think?

 Day 338
Christmas party with my favorite Kindergarten teachers. They almost make me want to teach Kindergarten! Ha!

 Day 339
I jumped on the blanket scarf bandwagon.

 Day 340
I love Christmas!

 Day 341
Sunday Selfie!
Guys, this is picture is precious to me. My sweet little friend Kyndal is autistic and absolutely hates having her picture made. So it was a miracle she even posed and smiled for this picture! I love this kid so much. (and her nana too!)

Day 342
I was slightly obsessed with the Royal Visit.
Why can't Kate and I be friends?
Better yet, why can't I meet Prince Harry?!?!

Day 343
I decided to mix and match my clothes. (Nothing really matched!)

I am finally caught up with my weeks! Only 3 more weeks of 2014!