Wednesday, March 25, 2015

weekend fun

I had such a fun weekend! We celebrated Lunch at Lilly on Saturday at Palm Village Asheville! It was my first time working Lunch at Lilly and I was extremely excited to be a part of the Palm Village team. Lunch at Lilly has always been one of my favorite days at Lilly over the past 4 years and this year did not disappoint! 

A few days before the event Lilly Pulitzer posted a little history about Lunch at Lilly. 

It began as a shopping event with a prize Lunch with Lilly (the actual Lilly Pulitzer!). Today we carry on the tradition in a new way and plan to make you feel as good as a luncheon with Ms. Pulitzer herself! How? With Presents!

Hold on to your shifts!
We served the most adorable shift cookies with our lunch! 

My sweet and wonderful co-workers, Jamie and Alex. 

While I was working at Lilly, Jennifer sent me this picture of Harper at her first soccer game. That is the face of pure joy! 

On Sunday, my parents and I headed down to visit the girls and family for a quick trip. I took the girls the first of their Spring Lilly.  I think they liked it!

On Monday I took the girls out for a girl's day! They got to skip school and we had a fun day together.

Our first stop was the new Lilly store that opened in their hometown. This store has a Lilly jeep and we couldn't resist taking a picture in front of it. Hadley would love to have her own Lilly jeep.

The girls got to pick out a few dresses to try on. They loved getting to pick out dresses and play dress up. 

After our visit to the Lilly store we headed to get an orangeade. Every time I visit I have to go get one.

When we went in the store was offering free manicures for customers. The girls were excited to get there nails painted! 

I love these girls so much and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to spend time with them. I look forward to more girls days in the future. 


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Life Lately

Here is my life lately...

 I took my 150th barre class! I only have 100 more before I get to sign the 250 barre! 
Right now I am in the middle of this crazy March Madness challenge! I am hoping to reach 250 by July. 

Apparently I have a thing about posing with cardboard cut outs. This was at dinner one night.
 And in New York I posed with a wall picture.

 I visited the Biltmore House with my mom and some of her friends!

My dear, sweet, precious, and beautiful friend Cynthia retired from the school. She has been an amazing friend to me and I will miss seeing her everyday. 

I had to say goodbye to another amazing co worker at Lilly. My friend Emily gets me. She understands my crazy obsession with Disney and Instagram. But she is off to bigger and better things in her life! Best of luck to my soul friend/sister! 

I love my Lilly Dream Job! My team, my boss, and the clothes are pretty fabulous! 

In this picture I was trying on a new popover! I fell in love and I'm waiting for it to fall in love with me! 

I had to include this picture of sweet Harper. March has been crazy ans I haven't been able to travel to see the girls. I'm hoping we have a visit soon! 

And just for fun...