Friday, September 26, 2014

#moeeveryday2014 week 38

Day 260
This was my fortune.  I am looking forward to future successes. I have some big changes happening in my future! I am so excited about these changes! 

Day 261 
My mail was trying to tell me to go visit my friend Katelyn in New York. 

Day 262 
I was on a retreat and this was my question. I said a lioness because she is the queen of the jungle! What would you say? 

Day 263. 
That day I held a chapel in my hand.

Day 264
My view for the weekend. 

Day 265
Celebrating the last day of summer wearing one of my favorite summer Lilly prints.

Day 266. 
I live on the edge. 


Thursday, September 25, 2014

#moeeveryday2014 week 37

Day 253
Good night. 
I love my pillows on my bed. 

Day 254 
We had 3 deer visit on this evening. 

Day 255
Candy Corn - one of Fall's greatest pleasures. 

Day 256 
I miss this kid and her sister. 

Day 257
My sermon notes doodles. I promise I did pay attention. 

Day 258
The beautiful mountain view from my Mamaw's hospital room. 

Day 259
I have a new Pure Barre goal. 


Thursday, September 11, 2014

#moeeveryday2014 week 36

Day 246
Twinning is so much fun with my friend Jamie! 

Day 247 

Day 248
Picture day at school. 

Day 249
Fun day at work with Emily! I have to say my co-workers at Lilly are the best. 

Day 250
We had the cutest visitor at Lilly! Love when Baby Tyler visits with her mommy! 

Day 251 
It was a great mail day! I was able to check off one of my Lilly wish list items thanks to Re-Lilly! 

Day 252
Happy Birthday to My friend Megan and Pure Barre Asheville! 

Sometimes it takes several tries to get a picture of the day...
I very thankful I have friends who will help me out! 

And I have to include this picture because I love it 
Lilly friends. 
(I love this dress so much I wore it twice in one week!)


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

100 club

So I have written about my love for Pure Barre a few times on my blog here and here. 

I also wrote about my summer goals at the beginning of the summer. One of my goals was to join the 100 club at Pure Barre Asheville. It took me all summer but I finally took my 100th Pure Barre class on August 13th! I was excited all summer to see my name on the chalkboard each week and have the number get closer to 100 with each class I took. I guess I like having the visual praise just as much as I love receiving verbal praise at Barre. It gave me a visual reminder to keep going. 

Here is my signature name on the 100 club barre! 

You can tell from my cheesy grin how happy I was to sign that barre! 

When you join the 100 club at Pure Barre you get a new pair of socks and a tank top! 

Me, Flavia, and Lindsay

When I started Pure Barre in January, Flavia was my first teacher. She does a very good job at explaining and getting you to connect to your movements. I have learned so much from Flavia. She is such an amazing instructor! Flavia is also the owner of the Asheville studio and she takes the time to get to know her clients and really makes you feel at home! 

Lindsay was the instructor for my 100th class at barre! I have talked about Lindsay on this blog several times! I got to know Lindsay at the Lilly store and she became my go to person for anything related to barre. 

Both of these ladies and all the other instructors at Pure Barre are amazing. They are so good at their jobs and make this workout so much fun! 

When I started Pure Barre this year I was having so much pain from running. I really wanted to be a runner...almost all my friends were running and I wanted to do it too! I was feeling pretty defeated and like a failure. I mean who can't run, it's putting one foot in front of the other at a somewhat fast pace. I remember taking my first barre class and thinking to myself how I knew I could do this work out. I was far from perfect that first class and I'm still far from perfect now but I know I'm successful at this! I love it. I love the challenge. I love the community. I love that I can hold a plank for 90 seconds. I love that I embrace the shake during thighs. I love that it makes me sweat. I love that I notice my pure barre ledge getting better. I love when people compliment my legs and arms because of barre. I love how encouraging everyone is at the barre.  But most importantly I love how I feel about myself after a class! Those 55 minutes are for me and I feel like a rock star when I am finished! 

Thank you for reading! I hope I see all of you at the barre someday soon!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

#moeeveryday2014 week 35

Another week has flown by. I can't believe that summer is over and school is back in full swing. Here's to another week...

 Day 239
Mountain weather

 Day 240
So I have been a Silpada rep for 2 years and never even thought about buying these earrings. After seeing my friend Jamie wear these earrings all summer, I had to HAVE them! I love them! Thanks Jamie!

 Day 241
The 4 hour drive is totally worth it to see these cuties at the end!

 Day 242
The girls loved watching the pretty horses jump.

 Day 243
At lunch I got stuck at the kid's table but it wasn't so bad because this was my cute seat mate!

 Day 244
The weekend was over and I had to leave my sweet girls and Winston!

Day 245
Working on my Disney plans...fingers crossed we get the Anna and Elsa meet and greet! 

Thanks for reading! 


Monday, September 1, 2014

#moeeveryday2014 week 34

 Day 232
The first day of school was a success. I wore a new Lilly dress for the occasion!

 Day 233
Going outside for recess is probably one of the perks of being an elementary school teacher. 

 Day 234
My Groovebook came in the mail.

 Day 235
Lesson planning for the week. Saturday night fun?

 Day 236
Sunday funday at the spa!

 Day 237
My outfit for Open House at my school. 

 Day 238
It was the first day of Kindergarten for sweet Mckinley! I am so proud of her. She said it was the best day ever!

And here is an extra picture of the girls...I think they are looking cute in their new Lilly shifts!