Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#moeeveryday2014 week 16

 Day 113
I continued celebrating my birthday with a trip to the Spa! Jennifer and I spent the day relaxing with massages, peach smoothies, and the Pinehurst massage. It was bliss!

 Day 114 
Shopping adventures with my two favorite girls! 

 Day 115
I love these kids!

 Day 116
The girls had their birthday party at the local cupcake shop!

Day 117
Going home. Spring Break 2014 is over. I might have cried on my way home.

Day 118
Reunited with the barre! 

Day 119
I like to match my charts at school to my clothes. 


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

#moeeveryday2014 week 15

I can't believe that we are 15 weeks into 2014! 

Day 106
It was one of my best friend's birthday! Cynthia is such a sweet blessing to my life. I just love her so much. 

Day 107
Pink cupcakes are always a good idea. I celebrated my birthday at work with my co-workers.

Day 108
I picked up a few things for Spring Break 2014! 

Day 109
Rain Rain Go Away
Look at those sweet little boots. I officially started Spring Break by traveling to visit with the girls. 

Day 110
Happy Easter and Happy Birthday to Hadley, Harper, and me! 

day 111
Birthday dinner with my parents

Day 112
Happy Earth Day! 
My heart just melts looking at this picture! 


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#moeeveryday2014 week 14

Hey Y'all!

 Day 99
Classroom Selfie
I really need to put some words up on my word wall in the background! 

 Day 100!
I can't believe that we are 100 days into the year!

 Day 101
My desk at work.

 Day 102
I spent my day cleaning out and organizing my closet for Spring! 

 Day 103
This is one of my best friends, Angie! I don't have a sister but she could be! Our parents are the best of friends so we are too! I love her! 

 Day 104
I enjoyed an afternoon treat (some Advocare Spark) in one of my favorite cups! Five days till my Pinehurst vacation and Spring Break!

Day 105
Just a picture of my mom Janet, Jesus, and the Easter bunny!


Monday, April 14, 2014

What I've Learned From Pure far

Recently I completed 50 classes at Pure Barre. I can't wait to hit the 100 mark and sign the 100 barre at the studio. I am hoping to complete this goal by the end of June. Since I am halfway to my goal I wanted to share what I have learned from Pure far.

 Embrace the shake! Oh my! I remember my first class and my legs were shaking so bad I thought I would collapse right there on the floor! I was embarrassed but quickly learned this was a good great thing.  Pure Barre instructors will tell you that when your body shakes it means that your muscles are reaching the point of fatigue. You want to have that muscle group shake during that specific section of class. After the shake we stretch to elongate our muscles. And this will lead to long and lean muscles! I mean who doesn't want long and lean muscles? I shake every class and still feel like I might collapse but I have learned to embrace it!

  Don't be nervous! I had some anxiety about starting Barre. I worried that I wouldn't be dressed in the right clothes. I worried I wouldn't be good enough or able to do the exercises. I was a big ball of nerves. I have learned that I was so silly to have all this anxiety. It was all in my head! Everyone I have met at Barre is very friendly and so encouraging! It is so refreshing to go into a place that is 99% women and be so encouraged! I think we all need this in our lives!

Listen to the instructors! They are there to make sure you are doing the moves correctly and not injuring yourself. Don't freak out if they come over and adjust or correct you. I have actually called the instructor over to make sure I am doing the move correctly. I want to make sure I am getting the full benefit of class. In my mind the Pure Barre instructors are rock stars and they make all their students feel that way too!

Set goals and challenge yourself!  Each week I set a goal for Barre class. My first few weeks my goal was to hold the plank for 90 seconds. Once I could hold it for 90 seconds my goal became to do all the tucks during the 90 seconds. One week I might challenge myself to not break form or hold during the thigh series or seat work.  These goals help me push myself to be better.

I love going to Pure Barre because it makes me feel better about myself. Like I said before it challenges me on a whole new level. I look forward to going to the "barre" everyday. I know that I have a lot more to learn and I am looking forward to learning!

Will you meet me at the Barre?


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

#moeeveryday2014 week 13

After being sick last week I was looking forward to a better week!

 Day 92
I went back to Pure Barre and took Lindsay's class. I am officially making Lindsay my BBFF (Barre Best Friend Forever!)

 Day 93
I made it to 50 classes at Pure Barre. So I rewarded myself with some new workout pants. 

 Day 94
Dress down day at work

 Day 95
It was prom day for one of my former students and I helped her get ready! You can read about it here.

 Day 96
Planning out my week in my Erin Condren life planner makes me so happy!

 Day 97
This was the sign outside my gym. It was also the first time I had been inside my gym in 77 days! I might think that was bad if I hadn't been working out at Pure Barre. I am trying to add more cardio back into my workout routine.

Day 98
It's tough being a teacher's kid. My co-worker's daughter couldn't make it through our math workshop afterschool. Bless her heart!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Emily's Prom 2014

On Saturday I got to help one of my former students get ready for the prom. I taught Emily in third grade and was her running buddy in several Girls on the Run 5Ks.  Emily is now in ninth grade and all grown up. Emily's mom is one of my good friends and I was so happy to be able to be part of this special day.

I thought that Emily looked beautiful and her date, Jonas looked very handsome! 
Emily is about 6 feet tall so I looked up to her now. She told me yesterday that she remembers thinking I was tall when she was in my class! 

 Back when Emily came to my shoulder...

Now I come up to her shoulder!

Another fun flashback picture of Emily and me
We were twinning in our matching skirts and big sunglasses! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#moeeveryday2014 week 12

 Day 85
This cold day needed a pop of color! I'm also loving my new Silpada necklace.

 Day 86
I'm missing these girls. I am counting down the days till Spring Break!

 Day 87
Cheers to Fab Abs with Pure Barre Asheville! 
I need to give a huge shout out to my friend Michele. This was her first Barre class and it was intense. She did an outstanding job! 

 Day 88
I wore my new shirt to Saturday school. I needed a bright spot in my day!

Day 89
Finally...a week of warm weather! Maybe I can break in my new shoes!

Day 90
sick day

Day 91
The day after a sick day.