Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Let me start by saying that Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I do not like it at all. People dressed up freak me out just a little bit a lot. Even when I was a kid I remember not liking Halloween. I didn't even like trick or treating. I would sit in the car while my brother and friends went to get candy!
So when kids dress up I think they should have sweet and fun costumes. Not scary ones. My students would always say they were going to be a dead cheerleader or football player. Dressing up as the dead is not cool in my book.
Hadley and Harper's first Halloween. 2010
Hadley and Harper like dressing up and put a lot of thought into their costumes! Jennifer took them to the Disney store and they got to pick out who they wanted to be. Hadley picked Ariel and Harper picked Minnie Mouse. 
Dance dress up day! 2013
 Jennifer sent me this picture last week! They were having a Halloween party at their dance class.
 Sweet Harper

Precious Hadley
 I got this fun card in the mail from the girls.

I love this! Look at all the H's.

So I hate Halloween but I can't hate this -

It's a Lilly pumpkin! My friend Traci's daughter Mo painted this! Yes, they call her Mo (we just spell Moe different!) Another Moe who loves Lilly! The other Mo is super talented! Thanks for letting me share this Mo!
Happy Halloween my friends!


Friday, October 25, 2013

High 5 for Friday!

High Five for Friday!
1. Last week my friend Michele and I ate at the Pioneer for the first time! The Pioneer is a local favorite restaurant but I had never eaten there. It was pretty yummy! They had the best French fries. I might just have to go back.

2. This is my goal with my Silpada business...Promote to Star leader. So I have been taking a phone class to help me with my promotion! I am keeping my fingers crossed so I can be successful!

3. I went to a new store in Asheville to pick out clothes for my Silpada fashion show. I thought the dressing room area was very neat. I love the shabby chic look!

4. Look at these state fair darlings! Sweetness. I just loved these North Carolina shirts. I want one in my size.

5. A Lilly drink holder makes any drink better!



Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekend in Pictures

Look at these sweet girls! Jennifer said Hadley changed clothes 3 times before she put the pink skirt on. I say she is such a Diva! I just want to squeeze them.
Happy girls are the prettiest girls!
This quote is in my Erin Condren life planner.  I believe in planning and organizing. Being organized just helps my life go smoother. And I have a confession to make - it bugs me when people are not organized! I just think it helps to be organized and have things planned out!


Lately I have been obsessed with stacking rings. I had to Instagram my ring stack on Friday. The purple ring is part of the new Silpada Holiday collection. I like it more than I thought I would!

At church on Sunday we celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness. My church does this every October. They hand out bracelets, stickers, and candy. We also honor those who are cancer survivors! I was happy to get the Faith bracelet. I snapped this picture before church started.
After church I had lunch with this celebrity! My friend Angie is the girl on this billboard! I always tell her its nice to have famous friends. This is her second billboard for her bank! I think they picked the right person to advertise for the bank. The picture is far away but she is wearing some Silpada earrings!

On Sunday afternoon I went to see my Silpada BFF Judy at a party she was doing in Waynesville. She lives a couple of counties away so I wanted to go see her. I loved this part of her display. It was just so simple but so pretty.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Something Blue

If I ever stop teaching I think I would like to be a party planner.
Last year one of my dear friends got married. I begged her to let me plan her wedding but she wanted to do it herself! So I settled for planning her Bridesmaid Brunch. For months I obsessed about the brunch. I wanted it to be perfect for my sweet friend Kelly. She is precious!
I spent months trying to come up with a theme. I decided to go with the a "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue" theme. (I thought this was an original idea but Pinterest told me something else!) My ideas were original and thought up by my friends and me.
I thought the brunch was simply wonderful and I wanted to share it on my blog. It is by far one of the neatest things I have ever planned.
The table for the bride and her bridesmaids. Each napkin had a vintage broach on it. We had pictures on the table of Kelly with her girls throughout the years.

We used blue mason jars with Calla Lilies and simple greenery.

We served water in mason jars with each girls initials. We also had Mimosa's!

I just love the paper straws. I think they add a neat touch to any party!

We had wedding dress cookies made to give away for favors.

Kelly and the hostesses!

Kelly's mom, Kelly, and Kelly's mother-in-law

Love my friends!
Like I said I love to plan events! I am so glad that Kelly let me plan this special event for her. She is such a precious friend. I wanted it to be simply lovely for her and her bridesmaids!


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Weekend Whereabouts

On Saturday I went for a run for the first time in two months! I stopped running about 2 months ago because my hip started to hurt during my runs. I decided then that I needed to take a break. But I knew I would have to start running again about October so I could train for that Disney race I keep talking about!
I decided to run at the Biltmore Estate. I just love running there! It is just beautiful.

I started out with small run/walk intervals. I don't want to over do it. My hip is stiff and sore today so I know I will need to take it easy. I have to keep telling myself that I don't have to run it all!

Just another picture from the Biltmore Estate.
After my run I met one of my Silpada sisters for dinner. We are planning a Mega party for later on this month! While we were eating I noticed Judy's Arm Party! Isn't this just fabulous?

I am always envious of all my sisters that get to wear all the bangles. My wrist is too small for most of the Silpada bracelets.
On Sunday afternoon, my dad wanted to ride to the parkway to look at the leaves. So my family loaded up in the car and went. We were happy daddy wanted to go. It was good for him to get out.

I think I live in one of the prettiest places!
Tomorrow we have a staff development teacher workday. I am going to learn more about the Daily 5. I am excited about this. I used it last year in my classroom and it was a huge success! I tell people it saved my life as a teacher! Fingers crossed I learn some great tips.
I hope you have a great week!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday!

This is Hadley and Harper's first day of Pre-School picture. They look so excited but I don't think they really were. These sweet girls love being with their Mommy. I tell Jennifer that she should home school them for 3 year old Pre-School! I can't stand the thoughts of them being sad or upset at school! But I am sure they are okay like all kids usually are.

I finally put up a bulletin board in my room. We have been in school 6 weeks! I am a little embarrassed by this. I usually have them up before kids enter the building. With my new job I haven't been sure what I should put on the bulletin boards in my classroom.
I used Lilly paper from an old Lilly agenda book.
So this is my big bulletin board. Still blank!
Any ideas? 

I am trying to get back into my routine of gym classes. I love Group Power.

I added the feather charm to my Silpada charm necklace this week. It's not my normal style but I think I like it.
I hope you have a great weekend!