Sunday, November 27, 2016

Back to the Barre - See Your Strong

If you have read my blog in the last few years you know that I love taking Pure Barre classes! And I love a Pure Barre challenge. I have written about my experiences on several occasions.

 Since moving to Augusta I have struggled with finding balance in taking Pure Barre classes and working at the store. I really wanted to get in a routine but I kept making excuses about going back to the barre. So I ended up taking about 6 months off from Pure Barre. I would take a class here and there but nothing consistent. I knew I needed to get back for my health and I needed to start making Augusta my home. I got an email from Pure Barre saying that a new challenge was starting! I decided I had to make the commitment and go to class! 

I decided to start documenting my classes for this challenge on Instagram. That way I had some kind of accountability for myself! I know I must have look like a crazy person taking pictures during class and after class to the other ladies at PB Augusta. I explained what I was doing with the teachers and they were helpful in giving me ideas for posts each class! 

I wasn't sure if I would be able to complete the challenge this time but I decided to give it a try. Pure Barre Augusta was giving away a Pure Barre tank to those that completed the challenge. I really wanted this tank because 1. It is black and gold (Appalachian colors!) 2. I need some new Pure Barre clothes!

tank for completing the challenge

Class 1
I love a Pure Barre Challenge!

Class 2
Up early for a 6 am Pure Barre Class

Class 3
Pulled out my favorite Lulu leggings for the challenge

Class 4 complete and I even held plank for 90 seconds!
It took me a while to get back to my strength back. I hadn't worked out in months so this was a big accomplish for me!  

Class 5 got a Pure Barre selfie!

Class 6
Another 6 am class

Class 7
I headed home for a long weekend so I went back to my original barre. Seeing the 100 barre reminded me I can do it!

Class 8
Boo! Tucking on Halloween!

Class 9
I love my new sticky socks and my new Pure Barre home!

Class 10
An old school shirt and selfie for a 6 am class.

Class 11
Sunday Funday at the barre!

Class 12
I love Pure Barre!!

Class 13
Just working on my Pure Barre ledge.

Class 14
I love that my new PB family was up to the challenge for my posts. We made our own mannequin challenge video!

Class 15
See Your Strong

Class 16
(My second for the day!)
Thank goodness class 16 was over!

Class 17
Another 6 am and I even brought a friend! 

Class 18

Well as you can see I didn't complete the 20 classes in 31 days challenge this time. I had to leave town for a business trip for the last few days of the challenge so I missed getting those last two classes. At first I was very disappointed for not completing the challenge but then decided I needed to be proud that I went back to Pure Barre. I think the challenge did its job -  It made me go!

I am close to taking my 250th Pure Barre class! It is my goal to have my 250th class before 2017! 


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

October #moeeveryday2016

Just a few October pictures to share!

I didn't get to visit with Hadley and Harper in October but Jennifer made sure to send me pictures.
They visited a pumpkin patch and picked out the perfect pumpkin!

I attended a Women in Business event in Augusta. Palm Village Augusta provided the door prize for the event! Is it bad that I was hoping I would win it? 

My mom and our friend Debbie came to visit for a weekend. We had a party at the store, saw Christmas decorations at Hobby Lobby, and I tried out a new church in town. It was a busy and fun weekend!

Sade and I got to attend a fundraiser that our friend Rachel organized. It was a fun filled Lilly night! 

I had to go to Office Depot for supplies and found my favorite pen Buy 2 get 1 free! I couldn't pass it up!

We hosted a make your own Lilly pumpkin event at the store! Here are a few of the pumpkins we made for PV Augusta.

Just because these girls make my heart happy!

Another great picture from Jennifer!
Myles, Hadley, Harper, and McKinley showing off their carved pumpkins.

The last weekend of October I traveled home for Piper's first birthday! But my first stop was Palm Village Asheville! 

But the most important stop was to celebrate this cuties first birthday! 

Clearly I know what I am doing with babies...

The next day I spent time visiting my Mamaw Mary. She told me not to post this on that Facebook. 

The girls were Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter! 

The leaves are still green in Augusta so I enjoyed the beautiful fall leaves at home. 

I voted early in Lilly and pearls! 

Also in October I started the Pure Barre See Your Strong challenge. I can't wait to share my thoughts on the challenge and getting back to the barre after a long break!