Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Disney - Cruise day 1 and Birthday

You only turn 7 and 40 once in your life!

So why not celebrate big!?!

Never in a million years did I think that I would ever go on a cruise. I am afraid of the water. I am a terrible swimmer. I have a fear of drowning. I have an irrational fear of going over a bridge in a car. So when I told some of my closest friends that I was going on a cruise for my 40th birthday I think they thought I had lost my mind!

I do have a lot of friends who are cruise people and they swear its the best vacation they have ever been on. So I figured I would try it out for a few days and decide if they were right or just delusional.

I decided to try Disney because I love Disney and I have heard Disney cruises were the best. 

In December I asked the girls if they wanted to go with me on a cruise and they were like Yes! As long as their mommy got to go too! 

Our sail date was set for April 20th! 

We were ready to go. Since we were staying at a Disney resort we arranged to have a transfer to the port. We had time to kill around our resort.  Hadley and I took a selfie to remember our birthday breakfast! 

Cutest seven year olds I know.

Jennifer took this video of us while we were walking onto the ship.

Once we were on the ship we found our room, found a place to eat lunch, went to the mandatory safety drill, went to dance party, and got ready for dinner!

We were excited to be on the ship and ready to figure it all out! 

We had the early dinner at 5:45! We rotated each night to a different dining room. Our first night was at Animator's Palate. 

The room started black and white and eventually turned to color. The food was amazing! We had this truffle pasta that was out of this world! Hadley asked for it every night. 

At the end of dinner Mickey Mouse came out and greeted us! 

And of course we celebrated our birthdays with chocolate cake! 

I love sharing a birthday with these sweet girls! 

I am very lucky and blessed that I have these girls in my life.  I hope Hadley and Harper know just how much they are loved! Being their Aunt Moe is one of the biggest blessings in my life. 

After dinner we headed to the show that was on the ship that night, The Golden Mickey's! It was so good! Disney really knows what they are doing! 

We got back to our room and the girl's beds were set up and ready for the night! 

Happy Birthday sweet girls!  

By this time the ship was making its way out to sea. I was worried about being sea sick. While we were at dinner I could feel the ship moving. It was such an odd sensation. Thank goodness for Sea Bands! 

The first day was fun but I still wasn't convinced that cruise life was for me! The next day was a day at sea and we had some special appointments early in the morning! 

I like to set goals and have some challenges. When I booked the cruise I started to think about new adventures. So I decided to set a challenge for my 40th year. I was going to try 40 new things for my 40th year! I felt like the cruise would be the first new thing. #moes40for40


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