Monday, May 8, 2017

Disney cruise day 2 - Out to Sea

On day two of our Disney cruise we woke up in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

We had some special appointments to meet some Princesses! 

After we met the princesses the girls decided they wanted to check out the kid's club. 

At this point I still wasn't sure if I was impressed with this cruising thing!
Jennifer and I decided to sit  on our balcony and enjoy the view off of our balcony! The water was beautiful! I got very brave and stood next to the railing. (This was a huge accomplishment for me! Ha!)

The girls sent a message they were ready to leave the kid's club and we picked them up and grabbed some lunch! 

I tried some orzo pasta for the first time. I was trying to knock some of those 40 things off my list! 

There are so many activities on the ship so after lunch we separated and did our own things.

I went to the spa to enjoy the rainforest room. My fabulous travel planner Jennifer had gifted me a spa pass! 

I spent some time relaxing and then I caught up with the girls just in time for them to participate in the Mickey 200. They had to design and create a derby car out of veggies! 

Showing off their car!

And guess what?!? Those girls won the Mickey 200! 

I ran up to the salon and had a blow out! Nothing makes me feel better than having someone else wash and dry my hair! 

That night we had dinner at Tiana's place and it was Pirate night! 

I started with a wedge salad! I had to snap a picture because my friend Lesa loves a wedge salad! 

The girls had a pirate makeover for our Pirate night! The party starts at 10 pm on the deck. Well this group didn't make it that late! When we told Hadley what time the party started she said, "Well that's not happening!" 

I ate a beignet for the first time - another 40 thing! 

The cutest pirates around! They loved this makeover. They got their own lip gloss and nail polish! 

After dinner we headed to the theater and watch another fabulous show, Disney Dreams! 

Disney really knows how to put on a show! 

I went to bed excited about the next day - Castaway Cay! 


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