Monday, May 1, 2017

Disney 2017 - Epcot and Animal Kingdom

On our second day at Disney World we headed to Epcot and Animal Kingdom. We started the morning with fast passes to the new Soarin ride.  Soarin has always been one of my favorite rides and  the new Soaring did not disappoint. The only thing I didn't like is that it didn't have the orange smell! 

After we rode Soarin we made our way over to the new Frozen ride in Norway. 

We got to the ride and saw this...

a 55 minute wait! We got in line and waited our turn. 

While we were waiting we took some pictures. 

Sweetest little girls I know!

I love a good ride picture and this one did not disappoint! HAHA!

The girls were not big fans of the ride! It was cute but probably not worth the 55 minute wait. 

It was the Epcot flower and garden festival. The flowers were beautiful around the park! 

The girls got to meet Daisy Duck when we were headed out.

After Epcot we caught the bus to Animal Kingdom. We were excited to watch the Lion King show. We even managed to get front row seats. They told us to have our cameras ready! 

So close to the show!
Unfortunately the show came to a quick end because a performer got hurt. They quickly ushered us out and we didn't get to finish the show. Needless to say we were so bummed out. 

Harper told us that they needed to get us out so they could find the guy's mommy. 

It was hot and we decided to take a snack break!

We looked on our Disney app and it said the safari ride had a 15 minute wait. We headed over to ride around the pride lands. 

It was late in the day and we ate a quick bite for supper and rested. 
I snapped this picture  - last day as 6 year olds and a 39 year old!!!


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